Gmail "Quick Links" Don't Open in Default Browser

When clicking on the Quick Link from Gmail Inbox view (for like a Zendesk ticket, etc.) it opens a standalone Station Window. I would expect this to work the same as clicking on a link from inside the email (open in Default Browser).

For instance, Zendesk will send ticket update notifications. Gmail places a Quick Link to open the ticket URL beside the Subject line while viewing your Inbox. If you click that link, it will open up a new, stand-alone Station window, which it will then ask you to authenticate into your Zendesk account.

However, if you open the email and click the URL from within the message body, it opens the link in my default browser, as I would expect. I’m already authenticated into Zendesk within the browser, so it is a more seamless experience.

I would expect that the two options function the same. My preference is that both open in the default browser, since I’ve elected to not use the Zendesk app in Station.

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