Flicking Station Windows

(Constance Tan) #1

The issue I’m facing is: station windows will flicker aggressively and be non-responsive after opening a new station window of a google slides page that is in presentation mode. I was also using a projector at the time. I forced-quit station, and restarted it to see if it fixed it, but the flickering came back the moment it was restarted. I dont know how to collect bug logs so I don’t know how to show you what happened. I am in the midst of uninstalling and reinstalling station to see if things are solved but now I have to reload everything.

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: opening a new station window of a google slides page that is in presentation mode

  • Issue: See above.

  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ): I uninstalled station so…unfortunately I dont have anything to show. I can try replicate it in a bit.

  • OS version: I am using Windows 10, on a Dell XPS 13.

  • Station version: I can’t remember and couldnt check it before it spazzed out. But I just updated it, so I’m pretty sure its the latest one as of 15 July 2018.

After 1.13.1 my mac having issue on flickering and sometime wont show my desktop display
(Constance Tan) #2

I have restarted my computer, and uninstalled and reinstalled Station. The bug is still there:


Please see gifs and pictures above.
Other things to note: switching between desktop windows outside of station stops working, and running pages on google chrome becomes extremely slow. The only way to solve everything is to run task manager, and spam click end-task to quit station.

Until this bug is fixed, there’s no way for me to use Station anymore, so I’ll uninstall it until later notice.

(Jonathan Paulo) #3


After updating to 1.13.1, I’m having flickering issues on my desktop display.

(Constance Tan) #4

Hi guys, is there any updates? Anything we can do to help your team solve the problem?