🙏 Feedbacks needed 🙏 --- Quick-Switch: recent dock and subdock

tldr; Please add an option to disable the subdock and recent icon.

My use case for Station is simple: Click an icon and switch to one of a dozen communication apps/interfaces* and therefore I/my users find both the subdock and recent icon/sublists “in the way” of performing our primary objective.

  • The subdock includes settings/options unnecessary for Station’s core functionality and adding these “benefits” blocks a critical chunk of the screen without adding value to my users (literally covering the content they want to see).
  • The “recent icon” takes a space that users could use for an app which could reduce long lists/icon scrolling.
  • Obviously I haven’t performed any real testing, but assuming a user has less than a full column (probably a large majority of Station’s users?), making the mental connection that “I’m looking for the last app/icon I used in Station earlier today” then going to the top of the column (a new place for that icon) to find and click on it, seems like it would require more of a cognitive load then just clicking on the icon they’re looking for (which is where their mind and muscle memory knows it’s always been).

Appreciating some people desire the added functionality of the subdock and “recent icon/lists,” my personal ask is before going further down this rabbit hole, for the love of good UX, add options in Station’s core preferences to turn these distractions off!

  • Inability to disable the subdock was why Station failed my initial round of testing… I came back because of your great selection of app extensions – and would love to both stay and recommend Station to my clients but the inability to disable the subdock is teetering on deal-breaker.

… Just my 10¢ (2¢ adjusted for inflation)

Travis Neal

:writing_hand: Can I turn that off?

My problem is that it takes up valuable real estate and I’v hit it accidentally several times meaning to hit the icon that usually sits in that spot. They’re in a particular order and this just kills the whole thing :frowning:

:warning: Mandatory details

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  • :boom: Issue

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  • :desktop_computer: OS version

  • :gear: Station version

I am not a fan of the “Recents” item in the dock. I don’t use it, and it take a prominent space in the dock that I would prefer to reserve for my most frequently used app. Plus, with this extra icon in my dock, I now have to scroll in order to see the apps at the bottom of my dock.

Please allow us to disable this.

it’s working but I don’t like it and I don’t use it.
It takes useful space, expecially with many services on not high res monitor.
I’d like a setting to disable it.

please give us an option to hide the following: “recents”, the <3 icon to share Station, add new button, and the mute button. They just eat up important sidebar space.

It’s a neat feature, and I could see it being useful for someone with more apps than I use, or for saving a keystroke or so for someone who switches among a handful of apps using the keyboard a lot.

Putting the icon at the top of the list instead of the bottom and making the subdock appear on mouse-over instead of click are both excellent ways to make the new feature stand out and get feedback.

However, combined with the fact that it looks as if one of my app icons has just migrated to the top of the list (but doesn’t behave that way), the result is that my immediate reaction to it was to try to look up how to disable it or at least move it to the bottom of the panel, and I may try to figure out how to hide it using the Station developer tools since there don’t seem to be any relevant options for it yet. That’s how irritating it is.

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that pressing Ctrl+Tab twice doesn’t always go back to the same 2 programs. Also, there’s only a max of 4 programs in the quick switch Recents, and the actual last one doesn’t show up

NOTE: this does work on my Dell computer but not my Razer computer, both have Windows 10 and version 1.30.0

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — ctrl+tab

  • :boom: Issue — last program isn’t there

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures — last app should be the green Slack

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — Windows 10

  • :gear: Station version — 1.30.0

I’m honestly not a fan of this new implementation. To be honest, I never use quicklinks anyway, since I have either the mouse to use, or hotkeys of cmd+ (number), it doesn’t really get any faster than that for me.

Additionally, it gets in the way at the top there, and I can find myself clicking on it by accident more often than I’m happy doing. It also just looks bad when it displays, for example, the Twitter logo. It’s just not a good look all-round as far as I’m concerned.

That said, I can see the benefit for some people. I can see that it’s a really good function for people…but not all people. In light of that (and something I’ve thought of before you even implemented this new approach), is why not simply allow people to disable it via toggle if they see no need for it. To force people into using a function that is both useless AND gets in the way of some people, is just poor UX implementation.

I know it sounds like I’m whining about something…honestly, I’m not. But, for me, it was a useless function to me before, and now it’s both useless AND getting in the way (functionally and visually).



agreed that there should be an option to disable the recent dock icon; it does get in the way; even better, maybe move it to the bottom of the sidebar instead of the top so it’s clearly separate from the rest of the programs


I like the new Ctrl + Tab switch, it’s not in the way anymore, so it doesn’t interfere with the mouse as it used to for me. It’s much faster (:+1:) to trigger ! It’s a much better implementation that the Ctrl + T pop-in you had.

The look and feel is great, although I realized after some time that I only use the : switch to last content (app or page or section within app) option. But I use it A LOT! I very seldom switch back 2 contents or more. I never use the recent content list with my mouse.

I find the new recent dock icon convenient somehow as it helps me confirm where i’ll switch back to. But I understand some people would like to hide it as it takes one extra app space on top)

I had issues on my first sessions with Ctrl + Tab: some apps would not appear in the list (win 10, v1.30). After restarting station it seems to have gone. I’ll report back if it happens again (it’s super annoying, so I won’t miss it if it does :wink: )

My two cents on possible improvement: maybe you should merge the switch app and search into the magnifier button. Why couldn’t magnifier be used to find recent apps? For those who like and use that feature, it could make sense too… What do you think ?

Station 1.30.0 on Mac responds very slow when switching between apps/extension and i believe the quick-switch is to blame. Did not have this issue with previous releases. This is especially bad when switching to android messenger, whatsapp and skype.

agree, we should have the option to disable this. I feel this feature is also creating delays in UI response.

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My Station is stuck on this notification and I can’t do anything. I force closed the application, deleted the application from my computer, re-installed it, but no longer can do anything because of the notification telling me about Quick Switch. Anyone get this? I’m locked out of Station until there’s a work-around.

Sorry for that @Justin_Rosales,

Resetting your Station should do the job:

Hi @Georges,

I followed the steps you provided in “How can I get a fresh start on my Station.” When I opened Station, it did delete all of my applications and asked me to re-sign in. After going through the process of signing in, picking new apps, as soon as it loaded all of the apps, the Quick Start notification came back and I’m back to the same locked screen, unable to do anything. Any other ideas? Thanks!

How can I remove this feature from my left nav ASAP?

I for one, like the feature a lot! I am a shortcut user so I hardly even noticed that the icons shifted. I use the cmd+1-9 keys all day, and when switching back and fourth between apps works well for me if it’s one of the apps I use regularly enough to know its number. ctrl+tab works much better for that. Great improvement.

I can understand how people would not like the location of the icon, and it certainly doesn’t need to be there as far as I’m concerned. The only time I’m going back and fourth between 2 apps, I’m well aware of which apps those are, so there’s no need for me to see the most recent app up at the top. It also doesn’t work so well when you have custom icons for Slack. My “most recent” app right now is the Slack icon, but I don’t even have the Slack icon in my Station, I have my own Slack icons, so that’s kinda weird.

View -> Toggle Station developer tools -> select an element to inspect it -> experiment with styling. Unfortunately I think it has to be done whenever you relaunch Station, but at least it’s possible.

My suggestion is to find the div with the class appcues-subdock-recent, which will also have a classname of c followed by some numbers (mine is c0121; I don’t think it’s autogenerated and subject to change, but I’m not sure). I changed the height of the .c0121 class to 0px instead of 30px. This caused the icon to disappear and I can’t mouse over it anymore, but the CTRL+TAB keyboard shortcut still works if I want to use it.

On the bright side, this feature and how invasively it grabbed my attention has let me to discover that the CTRL+T quick switch is way more useful to me than I’d realized!

The quickswitch indicator thing in the top left under the search bar shows me profile pictures from my last used conversations on slack and -so- many people at the office thinks that I’ve somehow logged in as them on slack. Can’t you make it clearer in the station UI that it’s not -me- that’s supposed to be there?

  • It’s working for me
  • They are relevant but lacking
  • Yes
  • Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS

I am really liking it. I have tons of channels and this helps me switch between them meaninglessly. However, I’d love to have this cover more apps like messenger, whatsapp, discord… you name it!

Keep up the good work