Evernote is buggy / editing functionalities are not usable / printing doesn't work / piles are not accessible


(Antoine Beauvillain) #1

When writing in Evernote, all the formatting that usually takes place doesn’t. That entails a lot of automatic things like creating lists, checkboxes, tables, dividers, resize images, line-height in Station differs from the app, etc. The text formatting disappears as soon as you copy-paste text! A lot of elements that make using Evernote a reason to do so are not there or barely.
Evernote doesn’t render some elements properly such as check boxes (for to-dos and whatnot) and look like they’re out from the early web era.
Also tables loose their editing capabilities that are accessible on hover when using the app (outside of Station).

It’s quite a big issue/deal. But hey it’s something that (maybe) could be solved easily and improve Evernote’s look in Station, thus Station.
Otherwise I’m forced to use Evernote on the side and well that’s not the point, is it?
Quick wins, yay!

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: Using Evernote in Station
  • Issue: Elements not rendered properly, tables loose editing functionalities
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures:
  • OS version: OS X High Sierra 10.13.4
  • Station version: 1.9.0 (up to date)

Evernote Piles
Issue with Printing notes from Evernote
(Georges Abi-Heila) #2

Hey @Antoine_Beauvillain,

I can’t manage to reproduce that bug on my side: could you send a screen recording of your issue so I can identify reproduction steps?

Sorry for the late answer

(Antoine Beauvillain) #3

Hey @Georges,
Sorry as well for the late answer I haven’t been on the forum in a while.
Here are 2 gifs, the 1st one is the behaviour in the Evernote app and the 2nd is what I have in Station.
Evernote app - notice how after hitting tab I can create elements (checkboxes, lists)
Evernote in the Station app - the same behaviour doesn’t happen anymore

I didn’t replicate the table element but it’s basically the same. Tables in Evernote within Station are as good as useless once you create one, while they’re surprisingly adjustable in the Evernote app.

It’s not making Station unusable (to me) but it’s lacking and some other people taking notes everyday won’t let this friction hinder their work experience and will resort to using to something else.

(Gregory Noirfalise) #4

unable to print a note from Evernote using the cmd+P shortcut
have to go to the browser version of Evernote to be able to print

(Gregory Noirfalise) #5


in the leftbar of Evernote I no longer have access to the piles of notebooks I have created. Meaning I only have an alphabetically order of all my notebooks. This is useless.
If you look at the webversion of Evernote (see attached printscreens) I have the piles.
If I don’t have the piles in the Station version of Evernote, then station is useless to me15 27