Enable autosleep for all apps / force apps to be disabled in the background (Noisly, Slack, Telegram, etc.)

I’ve just taken a look at ‘My Applications’ under ‘Preferences’ for the first time and I can see some apps that appear to permanently run in the background, with the option to turn that off greyed out. Some of these apps don’t have a need to run in the background (e.g. Noisli) or may be seldom used (e.g. some Slack groups), so I’m wondering if there’s a way to force them to disable running in the background and only run when I open them?

Hey @Snarly,

That’s an interesting request.
We chose not to allow autosleep for apps in which core features don’t work when asleep:

  • Noisly: the sounds will turn off automatically
  • Slack: notifications won’t work

Could you detail your use case and give us other examples of apps that you’d like to sleep (and you can’t)?

I guess it might depend on what is meant by ‘sleep’. I’m not a developer, so my definition of it might be working on different assumptions, but I understand it to mean that a site is fully loaded and drawing on resources. I’m just mindful that I don’t want to be accumulating activity that’s unnecessarily drawing processor or memory, even if it’s relatively small.

In my case, I don’t use Noisly routinely. Instead, I use it occasionally, as and when I feel I need to. On those occasions, I’d be fine with it running in the background. But for the vast majority of days and times when I don’t need to use it, I don’t see a need for it to be running in the background.

With Slack, I’m a member of around twenty (at a guess) groups based on my interests (so not team-related). Some are more active than others, but checking in on them or posting in them is an occasional activity for me. Having 20+ instances of Slack running in the background in my circumstances seems like it could be an unnecessary draw on resources. I’ve got almost 20 different apps set up on Station already.

Because of the lower frequency of use, it wouldn’t bother me to have a few seconds of overhead to initialise those apps as and when I want to use them, and I’d be fine with them running in the background on those occasions (I understand the rationale for that).

Some responses might be to just open those sites from a browser or native application instead, but it’s convenient to have Web apps like them contained and run from something like Station, which is better than accumulating a collection of separate bookmarks and applications.

Perhaps I’m asking for something slightly different, then: the option to ‘suspend’ an app, if the distinction is more helpful.

The other apps I have set up and would like to suspend (again, because they’re seldom used) are Skype and Hangouts. I only tend to make or receive calls by prior arrangement and any spontaneous calls tend to be via WhatsApp.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, it’s very useful.
Added it to our product backlog. We’ll get back to you once it has been discussed in our product meeting

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Thanks, Georges - good to know feedback is being taken on board!

Shouldn’t the user be able to make that tradeoff. I’d be happy to have notifications turned off so that certain Slack channels run in the background (in fact, I’d prefer that notifications were off).

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:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that the notification sounds for Telegram when on “do not disturb mode” are always on and can’t disable them. Messenger, Slack, and Gmail are doing the same as is from the apps I often use.
I am using Station for a second year and previously didn’t have such an issue. There was another issue with Station - crashing and then I needed to install the latest version, now I am with version 1.43.1 and these notifications are driving me crazy.

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — background activity function

  • :boom: Issue — When on “Do not disturb” mode can’t turn off notification sounds on my most used apps like Telegram, Messenger, Slack.

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/picturesStation-settings-tab

On the pictures, it can be seen a function that I found within the Settings tab - “background activity” which automatically enables notifications from some apps. I believe that’s the trigger of the issue but not sure.

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — Windows 10 Home, version 1803, compilation 17134.165

  • :gear: Station version — 1.43.1