Email verification error bug

:bulb: SUMMARY

As a new user who wants to verify their email I would like to see the correct success message.


After clicking on the link sent to me to my email for verification, I get redirected to a page that congratulates me. At the same time, it says that my verification link has already expired even though I clicked the link almost immediately after receiving the email.

:writing_hand: PROVIDE DETAILS

I hope that Station would provide users with the correct success message upon verification.


When I saw that screen I was confused as to whether I had actually successfully verified my email or not. I’m only guessing that it has been successfully verified because I am able to use the Station app. With the appropriate success message for users, such ambiguity can be avoided.

Hey @sabriele :wave:

Thanks a lot for reporting that bug :slight_smile:. It just has been fixed

Have an awesome week!