Does the Mac dock icon change frequently?


(Siddhant Sinha) #1

I feel like some days the icon is blue, and other days it has the Station blue -> cream gradient. Is this a little easter egg or am I just imagining things? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alexandre Lacheze) #2

:stuck_out_tongue: maybe easter egg, maybe you are hallucinating… :man_shrugging:

(Siddhant Sinha) #3

To maintain my sanity, I took screenshots of the icon at different times of the day, and the icon colors look like a function of the time. (It gets lighter -> darker from the morning to the evening)

Little touches like this only make me love Station more :smiley:

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(DevBytes) #4

The icon stays the same but the background changes throughout the day, according to the time of the day.
so maybe you are not insane :wink: :crazy_face: