Dark Theme

Station is So great. but it shou have a dark theme or night mode or kind a black theme.
first it must only for station then for all present in station for e.g we can’t use dark theme on telegram web on any browser althoug station must try to implement that.

no one he listin here ?

A dark mode would be perfect! But if it can’t be implemented in house, then the application of an “extension” to all of these webpages might be possible by using “Dark Reader”, which is a “dark mode” extension used in FireFox and Chrome.

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Everything should have a dark theme option these days. That’s number 1 on my productivity list. The bizarre irony is that there is a dark theme that can be applied to the Station Community site/app but NOT to the overall Station product. Please consider adding this feature.

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Will this feature be added?
If so do we have any timeline for when this will be launched?