Dark Mode for apps?

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Dark Mode for apps?

I don’t know if it would be possible, but could Station make a Dark Mode for the apps?

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I’m light sensitive and I know there are hundreds of other people who are as well.

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For apps like Facebook Messenger that are glaringly white backgrounds, it would be nice if a Dark Mode could be enabled, much like the app on mobile devices has a Dark Mode. There is an extension called “Dark Reader” for browsers as an idea.

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are: it would reduce eye strain and fatigue and help with productivity for not just me but the thousands of others out there who are at their computers for long hours, or who have light sensitivity.

Hello @CB404,

That’s an interesting request. It seems that it would be difficult to be able to do that, each app has to have their own dark mode. They are more and more to have it by the way. We’ll keep in mind that’s something you would want but won’t be able to give you an answer at this stage. :slight_smile:


why not using the same method that Franz use? As @Maud said, each app should have its own dark mode css (as Franz’s doing) and the user can customize it.

I’ve only just barely started using Station. I have looked on individual apps, such as FMessenger, for the Dark Mode option. But, I have not found anything like it available.

FMessenger Dark Mode seems to only be available on the mobile app, for example.

I don’t know what Franz is.

I named the browser extension “Dark Reader” because it puts almost all websites into a Dark Mode and I was thinking along the same lines with Station, if such a feature could be implimented to put the entire Station in a Dark Mode instead of individual apps. “Dark Reader” has an option to turn off for specific websites where the extension makes it more difficult to read the site instead of improves it.

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