Customisable keyboard shortcuts / turn-off some keybindings


(Jon) #1

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Would be really nice if keyboard shortcuts were customizable

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Keyboard shortcuts work, but interfere with system default shortcuts (at least on MacOS). For example: if Shift+Option+Space is a system shortcut for say, Alfred (or OSX’s search menu), when Station is open, it’ll capture that keyboard shortcut.

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See above

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The main advantages for me are:

  • Not interfere with system defaults

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(Jason Lengstorf) #2

Came here to ask for the same thing — the shift + option + space shortcut is driving me nuts and I really want a way to disable it or change it. :joy:

I use shift + option + - to type em dashes, and often this leads to an accidental shift + option + space when I’m just trying to type with proper punctuation. While I’m sure I’ll eventually reach the laser precision required to avoid making this mistake, it would be much better if I could just make the problem go away.

Thanks for your help with this!


Same here shift + option + - is driving me crazy, too. I use other shortcuts for Spotlight and Alfred (shift + option + space)

Editable shortcuts would be amazing!

(Tudor Matei) #4

I third that. Same here.

(Fernando Arias Marques) #5

Similar problem here… CTRL+[ does not exist in international keyboards such as Spanish.

(Yuuki Ohta) #6

I upvote this. A similar request is made in the following post

and many posts reporting issues about Slack shortcut really should fall under the same heading.

For my part, I often select an expression in an app and look up its meaning in a dictionary. Outside Station I can do this from a command in the ‘Services’ menu (to which I assign a keyboard shortcut). I cannot do this within Station, as I cannot access Services menu when I’m on it. I would love it if, when the shortcut problem is resolved, the commands registered within the 'Services’ menu were made accessible as well.

(Christian Bay) #7

It would be great if we could add custom keybindings in general, but at first it would be nice to have custom keybindings to invoke different applications. Such as CMD+CTRL+T for opening Trello, for instance.

(nahtnam) #8

This, I would very much like this. While I dont need such advanced options, I would like to rebind ctrl + tab and ctrl + shift + tab to go forward and back a an app instead of using the most recently used order.

(Fernando Arias Marques) #9

Some keyboard shortcuts are useless on int’l keyboards such as spanish. I need to press an ALT combination to reach the brackets ([ and ]) so CTRL+[ is not an option for us.
Is there a way to “redefine keys”

(Michael Mc Watters) #10

Please don’t take over system-wide keyboard shortcuts without giving the user to assign a different shortcut.

(Igor Glizer) #11

If you are use more than 4-5 apps it becomes annoying to navigate thou cycling, “jump to” menu, or the position shortcut (is WhatsApp 4th or 5th in in the order I just rearranged yesterday?).
I suggest to allow each app to have it’s own designated shortcut.


(Nha Hoang) #12

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As a Vim user I want to have Vim key binding in Station (like so that I can navigate with my keyboard easier.

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When I use Cmd + T to switch app I need to use arrow keys to chose the app

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I’d like to use Vim key binding (like Ctrl + j,k) instead (allow user config their key binding is better)

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The main advantages for me are:

  • Faster navigating
  • More comfortable for Vim user


Yes please! Even a disable switch for just the global would be hugely helpful so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the OS.

(Jérémy Chevallier) #14

So the advertised shortcut for Quick Switch is ⌘T, but there is another hidden combination that also prompts the functionality. This interferes with another keyboard shortcut I have mapped and is causing me tons of frustration.

Here’s the detailed report:

  • Trigger: ⌥+SHIFT+SPACE
  • Issue: Prompts Station / Quick Switch unnecessarily
  • OS version: 10.12.6 (16G1314)
  • Station version: 1.11.2

Happy to record my screen while this is happening, if that would help.

(Michael Borohovski) #15

I would like for this to be added as well. I use Spotlight for window management, and the default shortcuts conflict with the default Spotlight shortcuts. I should be able to customize them. Love Station otherwise!

(Drew Fitz Maurice) #16

:bulb: SUMMARY
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As a user of station on Mac OS I want to be able to turn off or change the global app switcher shortcut SHIFT+ALT+SPACE so that when I am in an application and Station is not in focus I stay in that program and Station does not become the program in focus

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When I am in any other application and use the global shortcut SHIFT+ALT+SPACE I am removed from my current application and moved into Station with the application switcher menu present

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I’d like to have a user preference to turn off the global app switcher shortcut or to remap it to a different key sequence

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are:

  • It is not an interruption to any other program that may have the same key mapping
  • Being removed from the application I am currently working in and presented with Station when expecting a different action
  • Stop from closing Station to be able to use the key mapping within another application that is dependent on my workflow

( Undefined) #17

Shift+Alt+Space is used by the system to enter non-breakable spaces. I can’t find where the setting is defined in Station to change it to something more convenient…

( Undefined) #18

@Georges Merci d’avoir pris note de la demande, sauf que ce n’est pas une feature request mais un bug. Et depuis février que le bug a été enregistré il ne semble pas que l’équipe de Station s’en soit ému plus que ça. Pour le moment je suis obligé d’éteindre l’application après usage pour qu’il n’y ait pas d’interférence. En français il faut des espaces insécables avant certains signes de ponctuation et à chaque fois qu’on écrit, Station apparait…

Ça n’est pas bien compliqué d’implémenter une préférence pour appeler l’application au premier plan…

(Sébastien E) #19

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that the shortcut for switching to previous/next application is the same as my system’s shortcut for tilting screen (i.e. display screen upside-down, or sideways). And my system shortcut wins!

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — “command alt ←|→”

  • :boom: Issue — triggers system screen tilt rather than Station app switch.

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures — n/a

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — Windows 7

  • :gear: Station version — 1.30.0

(Guilherme Weizenmann) #20

Add CTRL+Q to exit, at least on linux