Custom URL support / Support any web-app

As a Station user I would to add some web pages I often use every day in work. For example:

– admin interfaces of our products
– online-banking (I use 3 different bank systems in my work)
– self-hosted Jira, Confluence or Gitlab (under our domain)
– etc

I would like to have a way to add custom URL to Station or develop an extension.

I’m sure that Station is unable to cover everything. Nevertheless, many of us use custom-domain services every day.

This would be great.

For start, custom domains for self-hosted apps would be a nice start.


This is a essential feature for me,

there are some internals url , which needs to be accessed all the time,

Please add a Custom Url Support


Ditto the above, particularly the comment for self hosted Jira ( rather than and admin interfaces.


We have built an intercommunication tool but i can’t add it to station if you give custom URL option that would be great for me

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+1 with groups of custom URLs

I work for a cloud erp company, so I need to have all of our customers’ sites grouped together (i.e. similar to FF bookmark folders) with ability to customize the site name, sorting, etc.

Also, the custom URLs would allow me to use Station for all of the websites I access on a daily basis.

I would highly agree with this suggestion.

That would be definitely a best addiiton that would cover majority of needs to set up a whole web related workspace environment. Think of it also as a 80/20 principle. Due to lack of this feature, one still needs a browser to run alongside.

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I need this functionality so badly!

Have an internal Ticket & Invoice system that is only on our Intranet… so without custom URLs, i still need to use the browser.

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The hipchat in our company is self hosted and the custom URL feature will give me ability to use it through station.

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This is essential. My company has a strict security policy and most of our tools are self hosted. Having Station for only 40% of my tools is pointless and only consumes my resources (Station is quite heavy on CPU and RAM comparing to ex. Firefox).

Can’t start using it as only for gmail and slack it’s not enough. I want to also use self-hosted Youtrack, Gitlab and other services.

yes I also need this

any update on this feature?

Custom “apps”/websites are still not available? It seems like a no brainer. We use a lot of custom webtools for our work :frowning:

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Check out wavebox. It has a lot less features, but at least it has this very very basic feature. Its mind blowing that Station hasn’t figured it out yet.

THAT BEING SAID… I’ve tested all station alternatives and similar products and its far superior. But if you absolutely need this NO BRAINER of a feature, there are alternatives that help with it.

Can’t the devs just have one of the “apps” be an instance of it’s browser that is bookmarked to whatever site a user wants?


I’ve been looking at Wavebox again primarily for this feature. I do agree that it’s an inferior product, but having this flexibility seems like a big win while still adding specific application support.


+1, wish a self-hosted Gitlab support is available

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Thanks so much for this post! I didn’t know there was an alternative until now! Does Wavebox support custom URL’s?

I’ve used Fluid App for MacOS for years to create custom apps from custom URL’s but it would be nice do the same thing within an app like Station or Wavebox