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It would be nice to have “profiles” inside station


As a part time student, part time developer and part time creator, it would be awesome if I could have “profiles” inside station, so for instance if I’m at work I could active my “work profile” and only have selected apps related to my work and when I’m hom I could active my “home profile” and have other apps that I use only for talking to friends.

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I’d like to be able to create different profiles inside station and select which apps and accounts I would add to each profile. Then, when I am using station I could select which profile is active, so that I only see the profile’s app and only receive notification from these apps.


Actually I know this feature would not be game changing, but I believe it would make me more productive at work. I like receiving messengers notifications when I’m home, but when I’m working if I receive a notification and simply ignore it, I get really anxious haha.

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