Cross-app integration, eg event in Gmail to iCloud calendar

(Oli C) #1

:bulb: SUMMARY
I want Station to recognise items (street addresses, events, phone numbers, etc) in apps, and allow me to send them to other apps.

As a user of multiple webapps, already logged in via Station, I want to Station to recognise items in apps that I can use in other apps, and pass them usefully to other apps, so that I can save time.

Current experience: Get an email in Gmail with an event. Switch to iCloud calendar, find date, enter data manually, switch back to Gmail to double check a detail, switch to iCloud again, save, back to email.

Think of the actions/shares available in iOS/Android - open [THIS] in [another app], for most values of [THIS] and [app].

:writing_hand: PROVIDE DETAILS
Recognise useful items, eg street addresses, events, phone numbers. Pull them out, and then share them into other apps, whether by API or some kind of browser automation.

Life changing. Station would be come the center of my life :smiley: