Combine multiple Google calendars into one instance (like iCal)

(Brandon B.) #1

Is it possible to show all my different Google Calendars in one calendar instance the way it does in iCal? That would be very useful. Its difficult switching between calendar instances to see what I have booked.

Combine All Inboxes
(Georges Abi-Heila) #2

That’s unfortunately not possible yet. But if your topic gets enough upvotes, we’ll consider adding that to our roadmap :wink:

(DevBytes) #3

Hi @BrandonZev,

You could add your other google calenders in your main google account.

This way you only have one calender tab.
You can still enable and disable every individual calender within the one station tab.
Please let me know if this was what you where looking for.

(Paul Griswold) #4

:bulb: Allow accounts to be viewed as a single account - email, calendars, etc.

The one thing that keeps me from switching entirely to Station is the apparent inability to combine things like inboxes into a single inbox. The built-in Windows 10 email client does this, and it’s quite handy to be able to see all my unread emails from all accounts in a single location.

The same with calendars. Having a single calendar that combines elements from all my calendars would be very helpful.

It’s a beautiful client with a ton of potential.