Colored Icons for apps in Sidebar


I like to find my apps quickly, and the lack of color in the app icons isn’t great for that. A setting to have colored icons always would be great.

(James Samuel) #2

I would not choose this, as the colours would be a distraction to my focus, when I stop on an application to do some work.

My approach is to arrange the apps in order with most used at the top. Then I make good use of the Ctrl-TAB to swap between the last two apps - after that I will go hunting (by icon) or by Command-T to search for the app or a particular ‘file’ within it.

Thought I’d offer this as another approach, in case it’s helpful.

(Mehdi Bellatig) #3

I can’t understand how this is not at least an option :frowning:


(Екатерина Драгомирова) #4

Colored icons as an option would be super cool :heart_eyes:

(Daniel Steen) #5

custom colors would be great. I use 3 different version of most of my applications (slack, gmail, datadog, aws, etc). I have a lot of apps, and it’s very hard to know which is which just off the tiny tiny icon that shows up next to each one.

(Daniel Steen) #6

Ctrl-Tab is a great tip! Thanks for that. For me, however, arranging apps in order doesn’t work as the exact frequency of use differs from day-to-day and task to task.

(Yvan Feusi) #7

Please add colors, it’s very confusing without. It is easier to read the sidebar in Franz5. Thank you!