Can't make calls with Skype / What's App / Slack etc

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My problem is that …

Station does not request Microphone / Camera access, so the Skype / What’s App / Slack calls proceed without the microphone working.

I have completely uninstalled Station (inc. pList / App Support files) and restarted OSX.

Station is not listed in Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone / Camera

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Attempt to make a voice call in Skype / What’s App / Slack

  • :boom: Issue

I cannot make voice calls within Station.

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Mac OS Mojave

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Same here, I am trying any hint I can find on the Internet to get station into the Microphone/Camera section under Security & Privacy. Please fix this.

I am still on Mojave, and I’m having this problem. Slack, Skype, and anything else that uses microphone won’t work for audio and thus Station becomes pretty useless for me, since I use it to group all my messaging apps (Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram). Station needs to request the microphone and camera access. I’m surprised this hasn’t been done sooner.


I have this issue as well, it allows the selection of the Microphone in the dialog, but it does not trigger the OS to allow permission to use it and thus it is not usable (slack)