Can't login to Station: proxy not supported / unable to setup server configuration


(Kevin O'Donovan) #22

Okay, daft question, but where do you configure the proxy settings?

(Kevin O'Donovan) #23

@Georges, sorry to report I’m not seeing any difference. Starting station up on the corporate LAN still times out trying to connect to my account, and I can’t see anywhere to configure the proxy settings that would prevent this?

(Alexandre Lacheze) #24

@kev160967 can you please provide your configuration details: OS version and Station version.

There is no proxy settings in the app itself because Station detects system’s proxy settings. That’s the same strategy used by Google Chrome and the same detection mechanism.

That could mean your proxy’s settings are not properly detected. Before all:

  • can you check your system proxy settings are properly configured
  • can you access the internet with Google Chrome? In Chrome, can you take a screenshot of the content at chrome://net-internals/#proxy (if it contains sensitive information, send me privately or hide sensitive information)

cc @mikael

Thank you!

(Kevin O'Donovan) #25

Hi @Alexandre. Ignore all that. In preparing the reply to you I noticed my Station was still 1.31.0. That’s despite telling it to update after the proxy version announcement (using the twinkling star icon), and it apparently doing so. Just manually upgraded to 1.35 (downloaded and installed from .EXE) and I’m happy to report that it now works


(Ewald Van Zyl) #26

All working my side, thanks for the update.

(lucacin) #27

Hi you all,
as far as I read Station now works behind a proxy.

But, I’m trying this new feature and it does not work in my office. When I try to login using the button “Login with yout work account” then new window remains in white forever.

I have checked that the proxy is set in system configuration and it is because I can navigate using Chrome.

The only thing I was wondering that can cause trouble is that the proxy is an authenticated proxy. When I run Chrome browser a pop up is shown to fill user and password, but when I execute Station no popup is shown, so maybe that’s the problem.

Sorry, but I don’t know where to get the logs to share with you.

Thanks in advance.


Stationversion 1.35.0

(Ewald Van Zyl) #28

Hi @lucacin

Our proxy is authenticated as well, so it should work.

Can you retry these steps but bypassing the proxy? Essentially what you want to do is keep everything exactly as is when trying to connect but bypass the proxy with a phone hotspot or similar. This way you’ll be able to identify if the problem is not something other than the proxy.

If it succeeds without proxy using the exact same Laptop/Desktop then you might need to dig a little deeper with the proxy admins.