Can't launch Station / Station crashes: Fatal Error - The saved Station state is not compatible with the current Station version

(Raja Swaminathan) #1

The image contains the error message ,
I am getting this error message while launching station from the applications folder, I am new to mac and i am not sure whether this is problem in my mac or station.
Thank you in advance for your help

Station update broke it!
(Josh Good) #2

A little late to the game here. But… If you get this error, essentially removing the ‘old’ data will resolve this [ on a mac ]

  • Trash the station app from the applications folder ( uninstall it )
  • Navigate to /Library/Application Support/ and REMOVE the station folder.
  • Reinstall station. [ the .dmg file ]
(Jürgen Strauss) #3

:writing_hand: Station latest update destroyed database, causes fatal error and app now unusable

:warning: Mandatory details