Can't copy from Station and paste elsewhere / Ctrl+C or Cmd+C doesn't work / clipboard stays empty


(Laurie Anne Doré) #21

We are currently experiencing the same problem. This disrupts our in the way we operate. I think this bug is a priority.

(Deanna Denham) #22

This issue makes it harder to work with Station for our team, not easier. Hoping this gets solved asap.

(Stuart Eccles) #23

This bug makes Station unusable and needs to be prioritized. I’m going to have to stop using it until this works.

(Raymond Morgan) #24

I’m still seeing this issue unfortunately.

Which is a real shame because Station is absolutely fantastic otherwise, I’d happily pay for a paid version of this app if this bug was fixed.

It’s my only gripe with an otherwise near flawless system :frowning:

For now I’m going to have to go back to tabs in Chrome, the lack of decent copy-paste function slows me down more than Station speeds me up otherwise.

(Bahadir Efeoğlu) #25

The issue also persist for me as well. As a new user to Station, it makes it really hard for me to use it on a regular basis.
Is there any update on this bugs status?

(David Morris) #26

I am also seeing this issue. The issue started for me around the 19th October I think.
I am using Ubuntu 18.

I also can not right click and copy as suggested at
Right-click and copy does not work for me

(Mo Moubarak) #27

I have looked up the issue none of the fixes are working since monday.
I can no longer copy and paste inside apps and its very annoying. I love this app and hurts me my team are all unstalling it as nothing seems to work not updates, not right clicks.

(Gottfried Keller) #28

I have a problem with copy a text into Gmail. If I need to copy a text I have to go directly to Gmail, in Station it’s not possible. Maybe you can fix this small problem. It was working before.

Kind Regards

(David Morris) #29

Still happening for me on ubuntu. It’s got to the stage now where I can’t use station as I cant work out how to copy text out of email or slack or git or anything else which is in station.
I’ll try again in a few months and see if someone managed to fix it.


Right click / copy doesn’t work for me on W10, Station 1.29, in any app.

Ctrl+C works though

(Martin Beukman) #31

I am having the same problem on Ubuntu (latest stable)


Happens constantly on Linux Mint 19/XFce


I am having the same issue with all Google related apps (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Voice). it used to work several versions ago but hasn’t for several months. How this can be fixed soon.

(Modestas Vaitkevičius) #34

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

Currently I’m having a problem where I can’t right click on the image in trello app for example and copy it. This is very handy when you need to copy the image and paste it in github for example. This seems to be true for gmail, slack, trello for me.

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — Right click on image

  • :boom: Issue — There is no copy image option in the context menu

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — osX 10.13.6

  • :gear: Station version

Stationversion 1.33.0