Built-in Pomodoro timer + app blocker


:bulb: SUMMARY
Your need in one sentence

I want a way to temporarily block access to certain “time wasting” apps (Tweetdeck , Facebook, Messenger, etc) to help me focus on the work I need to do in other apps.

Tell us about the current experience

I run a small indie game studio and I do a lot of different things, including community management, which is why I have Tweetdeck / Facebook installed in Station. I often have to work in Notion or Google Docs, but I’m always just a click / keyboard shortcut away from Twitter and Facebook. Back before Station, I would often use certain Chrome extensions that would do both pomodoro timer (work for 25 mins, take a break for 5, repeat) and website blocker, preventing access to social media or any other tempting websites.

:writing_hand:PROVIDE DETAILS
Tell us what you are looking to change

I’d like a built-in option to turn on a pomodoro timer that would block access to a custom list of apps for 25 minutes. Settings could allow for custom timer durations for both work and break times, as well as a “strict work” option, meaning you can’t turn off the timer / app blocker for the 25 min period.

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are:

  • I can keep community management apps in Station
  • I don’t have to revert to Chrome + blocker extension for these specific apps
  • Increased productivity