Atlassian Integration Issues


There’s a few issues with the Atlassian app:

  • In a jira case you can click on a link to navigate to bitbucket (such as a commit, branch, or pull request). The link does not open in the bitbucket app, but opens in the Atlassian app instead.
  • This also changes your home to bitbucket for the Atlassian app and it takes a few interactions to get back to Jira.

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: clicking bitbucket links in Jira
  • Issue: Atlassian app home gets stuck on bitbucket
  • image
  • OS version: Windows 10
  • Station version: 1.8.2 (has existed since at least 1.6?)


still experiencing this issue.

Its frustrating and difficult to get the jira(atlassian) app to go back to jira once the home is on bitbucket. Bitbucket has its own app, but jira links to bitbucket do not go to the bitbucket app.Workaround is usually to uninstall the Jira (atlassian) app and reinstall it.

Could we get a button to set the Home? or be able to lock it so that it does not change.