Ask for save location on every download / prompt for download location

(Georges Abi-Heila) #1

I’d like Staton to ask me on every download where to save the concerned file

(Dennis Kuscu) #2

It is a not a full implementation? We can now change the default download location, but there is no option to have Station ask every time where to save.

Change default download folder
(Roshan Mansinghani) #3

I agree with DennisKuscu. A settings dialog that just lets you change the default download location is not enough, I need the option to be able to choose every time where to save files. Can’t use Station without it.


(Daniel Llamas) #4

I also need this feature to work easily, it should ask every time I download a file so I won’t need to open the default later. Besides, it would be total if, after the download, I am able to click on the pop-up and then open the file directly (currently it opens the folder). I guess having both options like in Chrome would fit perfectly.

(Paul Betteridge) #5

I was a Franz user until yesterday and got frustrated with downloads and opening links which would hang. I found Station and I am hooked - great work. especially the download feature. but I was expecting to see a checkbox saying “Ask where to save each file before downloading” like Google Chrome allows - see image attached:

I am already converted to Station (great work!) but this is a relatively simple fix for an excellent feature (I am a windows software developer of 20 years!)… and hope that you could find the time in your busy feature path to include this as would make a massive difference personally (and stop me to going back to gmail in Chrome just to save invoices etc into folders I want).

(Paul Betteridge) #6

I have had to go back to using Franz for now until Downloads folder is working. I will keep an eye on this as I am sure this is a very simple fix and willmove back once its been added in.

(Benjamin Gunter Iv) #7

any updates on this as a feature?
it’s been a year, I feel this is a huge miss in the app.

(Sven Hermann) #8

I got 1.15.0 but if i download something it still does not ask me where to save it. do i have to change any settings anywhere>

Change default download folder
(Dan Charles) #9

+1 for choosing download location each time. I have a heck of a lot of folders, all organised into hierarchy’s both online and offline. Having to manually cut, paste files into their respective folders after the download is just extra steps that aren’t needed.

(Dr Judy Tang) #10

totally agree! i always download at different places, so would be great to select where first

(Meagan O'Hara) #11

+1! It’s a waste of time to have to always go to the Downloads folder to move it to where I actually want it. It’s an extra unnecessary step.

(Jon Andre Pedersen) #12


Has there been any updates from the developers on this? Seems to have been an issue for nearly a year?