Apps & bookmarks syncing across multiple devices / keep configuration on app reinstall / after disk cleaning

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I want to have access to the exact same experience on all my computers

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When I log-in to Station on another device (at home for example), I have to set-up again all my applications & accounts, re-open all the pages I was working on & star again my bookmarks.

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I’d like my Station to be synchronised across devices so that whenever I log-in I found everything right where I left it:

  • Installed applications & their order in the dock
  • Set-up accounts
  • Open pages
  • Bookmarks

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The 2 main advantages are:

  • Lot of time-saving when I log in on new devices
  • Ability to have multiple Station accounts (with different Google Accounts) & juggle between them depending on the context

Yes has this feature been added? I can’t work out how to do it either?

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Yeah, where is this feature update? It’s highlighted as “later” but no other explanation?

Some kind of a station account with backup option.
So when reinstalling the Station, we do not need to have to re-choose the apps and re-enter the logins.

If I download Station on one machine, I want to be able to export/cloud-sync that configuration so that I don’t have to add apps one-by-one on my other machine(s).


Testing out Station on my work iMac and really enjoyed it - I went home and installed it on my laptop and found I needed to individually “install apps” again. Then my work laptop… I haven’t actually installed Station on my home desktop because of the setup time cost and how infrequently I use that computer, but if I could just pull up an XML file or cloud-sync the settings, I’d have Station on there the next time I use it.


Menu item to export settings (I can sign back into the accounts as needed), but the app addition process is a little slow going.


The main advantages for me are:

  • Saving time
  • Unified experience on multiple machines
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PLEASE implement this soon. This is so important for a ton of users



As a normal user, I want to see my apps list in Station after reinstalling the machine (my MacBook) so that I don’t need to add them again one by one in that situation.


I am currently a Station user. For some reasons, today, I reinstalled my machine. After installing Station and logging in using my Google account, I don’t see the apps list, that I added to the Station on my old machine before (excepts Gmail, Hangout, and Calendar).


In the case of a big fan, the user might want to add so much apps to Station. If Station is able to list these apps, I believe that it will highly increase the user’s experiment.

I run a PC and Mac (and sometimes more than one). Is there any way or plan to sync the account/apps installed between instances? If I have all my apps/extensions added on my PC running Station, if I login with the same account on my Mac, can it have the same app list?

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As a user I want to Export my current setings so that when I switch a machine I din’t need to re-add all of my stations.

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When I was trying to install the same Station setup on my work machine as the one I have on my home one - it took a while and I forgot to add a couple of services.

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I’d like to have an ability to easily transfer my current setup either based on the user I’m logged in as or just simply export\import settings file.

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The main advantages for me are:

  • huge time-saver
  • identical setup across all of my computers

@Georges As a new user of Station, this is almost a deal-breaker. Might as well use Safari pinned tabs at this point if Station doesn’t even sync when I re-install my setup!

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As a multi-laptop user I want to sync my Station accross my laptops so that when I go from one to the other I keep all my apps and configurations.

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I work with 2 macs and 1 Windows depending on where I work from and for. When I downloaded Station on one of my other professional laptop, I thought I’d login and see all my apps synced. That wasn’t the case. I had to re-download everything and to login again in everything. I now know that I have 2 Stations living on local machines, soon to be 3… I just want one cloud based :slight_smile:


I’d like to sync my Station account so that when I use other laptops my Station stay exactly the same.


The main advantages for me are:

  • Station would be my Work Operating System
  • Living in the cloud, my Station would be exactly the same across my devices
  • I wouldn’t have to set-up and maintain multiple local-Stations

Thank you!

I have station on my iMac and Macbook Pro. If I add an app to the iMac, I also have to add it to the Macbook. Is there not a sync option, or is this issue isolated to just me?

Is there any way to backup the station data and maybe sync it with my other workstations? I have my own Cloud so the syncing is not the problem but are there any specific files that are important?

+1 That some way to sync/backup to prevent having to repeat setup on multiple computers is a really important feature.

This is a huge thing for me trying to move from Franz or Rambox. And could be easily done without running your own infrastructure and backend to do it. Just use Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, or the many storage solutions, and save the data there, and pull it from there.

:writing_hand:After I’ve been logged out from station, I can’t log back in

After the latest update (1.21.0), I have been logged out from Station. When I open the Station app, it asks me to log in with a google account. I log in into a google account which is already associated with a Station account, but station doesn’t recognise it and asks me to configure all the apps as if I just created this account. I can’t get all my apps back and would need to configure them all again. I’ve stopped using station for now until there is a fix.

:warning:Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — Unknown. App update? Cleaning app data from disk? Maybe CleanMyMac app removed some data from my disk? But my account and apps associated with it shouldn’t be dependent on data stored on my disk, especially after a fresh install.

  • :boom: Issue — Can’t get all my apps back, Station thinks I’m a new user. Probably there are at least 3 accounts associated with my email address by now.

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — macOS 10.13.6 (17G65)

  • :gear:Station version — 1.21.0 (after the launch crash update)

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that …

I found this help file, which is great

But it doesn’t clarify if the zip files generated can be used in transferring a station configuration between Mac and Windows machines. Can it? If not, is there another way? Or must I start from scratch?


:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger

  • :boom: Issue

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures

  • :desktop_computer: OS version

  • :gear: Station version

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Hey @Bobby_Sciortino,

Thanks for reaching out!
Indeed the article is not clear about transferring your configuration from an OS to another: it’s currently not supported so it most probably won’t work.

Syncing your account in the cloud is something we plan to work on in the future: for the moment you’ll unfortunately have to reconfigure your Station.

Thanks for your patience

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When can we expect Your Incredible Program to Snyc across Devices as Most Programs Do_

As a … I want to … so that …

:question:[p]Most Programs that are used on more than one computer sync so you don’t have to double to triple your workload and know which version and which apps you have on which computer on which Station. I have 3 Windows 10 laptops of various sizes I use for different reasons, one like a tower, one as a around the hour or laptop, one is a window tablet. I use Station on all Three. I login to all three. I use the same email accounts and apps on all three. I login using the same account on all three. Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, Google, every company that has multiple programs syncs their devices I guess using a cloud which doesn’t sound too difficult since that technology is now low cost and efficient. I think people would even pay you for the for storage or let people choose where they store the files, as everyone now has cloud storage, like one drive or Google Drive. I Have FULL confidence in your brilliance, I guess my question is, are you PLANNING on doing this or NOT as it WILL affect peoples choices eventually in using you long term.I know I would pay 10 bucks a month for my stuff to sync across every computer, even if it was an optional thing you could offer people, I think you would be surprised how many would choose to take advantage of it, as most people on the level of user that use your software ALL have more than one PC. SO whats the good news or is it bad news…Namaste, Bry P.S. …your spell checker REALLY needs some work. I know i asked for one and you did give us one but its worse than the standard Windows spell check, it missed so many misspellings I have to rely on putting docs into Word and then using its Spell Check so its not even helping. I’m guessing if you a poll, others would agree, unfortunately It also will not let you add or ignore words even. Any news on Grammarly or some other more efficient one hopefully…[/p]
I LOVE the software. I know I sound like I am complaining, but I am just trying to help improve a product I could use for the rest of my life!!!

When I …

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I think I have covered that part.

I’d like …

I think I have covered that as well…

The main advantages for me are:

  • … Many apps I could NEVER use on my desktop

Perhaps I’m just unclear on how this works but with Station installed on both my desktop and laptop, while using the same account Station does not install the apps I installed earlier on the other computer. Do I really have to select them all and log into them again?