App doesn't load / blank screen / white page / nothing is displayed (Gmail, OneDrive, WhatsApp, Slack, Missive, Messenger, TickTick, Google Voice ...)


(Chang Hyun Oh) #62

Wunderlist is showing white page.

(Pierre Godret) #63

Hi team,

I’m having another go at Station after abandoning a few months ago (Ctrl Paste + 1password bugs pushed me out)
Unfortunately, i can’t open external links from my existing apps, it opens a new blank window, then nothing.

I’ve tried opening a doc from Front my primary app and client email > blank
I’ve tried opening the gcal sync in Front (google connect in the calendar section of front) > blank

thanks for your help

(Pierre Godret) #64

Have you managed to take a look at this ?

(Joseph Blodgett) #65

On version1.39.2 and Trello still isn’t working… so frustrated. When are you guys going to fix this?