Allow renaming of pages or bookmarks / change page titles

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As a user I want to rename my favourite/starred pages so they’re easy to find. This is important given page names default to page titles which are often repetitive, vague and lengthy.

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When I press the star icon to save a page in the side panel for an app, I’d like an opportunity to rename it right away. If not, a control to perform a rename. This is only needed for the pages I’m choosing the save via the star control.

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I’d like to rename starred pages.

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The main advantages for me are:

  • Quick access to the correct pages that have been starred
  • Much improved user experience of Station

you are so right, have my :up: !

That makes a lot sense!

With what application would you most need that features? Google Drive?

Can you give some concrete examples of renaming you would do?


For me it’s specifically for Drive, as I’m not always able to rename the document real Title.

Applies to many apps, Like Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager for example.
Here, I’ve bookmarked a particular client’s account.
Can you guess which client it is?

So… no. And since I already know i’m in GTM, there’s no need to have that be the title; it adds no information, merely clutters it.


True for Todoist as well. This is definitely a necessary feature before Pages are useful as a feature.


This would make Station a tool for Facebook Ads marketers, since Ads Manager has the same title for every page:

Also true for Facebook Messenger


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Another example where it is dearly needed: Jira Cloud. Unfortunately, the latest Jira Cloud doesn’t change the page name, so you end up with something like “Home” even after navigating to other pages. Unusable if you want to keep multiple Jira Cloud pages open simultaneously.

Is there a way to rename the pages inside a single app? At the moment it seems to use the title page of the web page, instead it would be great to be able to rename it, for ex. using Client name.

Looking forward to hearing you soon



If I add a new page in a app pop-up window then the new page will be given a name automatically. It would be nice if one could edit this page name.

I too would appreciate the ability to name saved pages - particularly in Drive. A key example for me is a phone list build in Google Sheets and shared. I’ve shared it to my Drive and would like to see it as a choice when I click the drive icon.

I’ve bookmarked a few different pages in my Facebook Business Manager account (homepage, videos, analytics, etc). Unfortunately they bookmarks are all given exactly the same name - that of my Facebook Page account - so I have no way of knowing which is which to click on. It’d be great to be able to overwrite the name, like you can with any normal browser bookmark…

Could not agree more with this feature. (I have been coming back to this page multiple times to see an update over the last 4 months)

To assist Alexandre from Station, here are a few examples:

  • Asana
  • 1 Person Asana and 2 Business Asana accounts (x3 in total)


  • BitBucket
  • 3 different code repo’s


  • Facebook Ads
  • 2 different ad manager locations

We need this badly

:bulb: SUMMARY

When browsing the open pages of a Station, I need a way to read the whole page title.

As a GDrive user with long document names, I want to see the full doc name / page title when hovering so that I know which page I’m opening.

Tell us about the current experience

Station menu is fixed-width, which doesn’t matter for most apps that just have a ‘Home’ page. For heavy cloud-drive users with multiple open docs, this can be challenging to browse via mouse because the number of visible characters is limited. If you use a standard naming convention for docs - e.g. “ [detailed]” - then titles may be indistinguishable.

:writing_hand:PROVIDE DETAILS
Tell us what you are looking to change

Develop a UI solution to display more/all of a page’s title when browsing by mouse.

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are:

  • save a whole lot of time
  • decrease frustration
  • superior to Quick Switch when “browsing” rather than “searching” and when already using mouse

When I’m viewing my starred pages, I need the ability to edit their labels, so i can organize my station in a way that is clear to me.

Hi there,
have any date about this request? As an agency we are not able to use Station at the moment and this simple fix will allow us to start using it!

Looking forward to hearing you soon


Yes please. Some apps don’t provide page titles, so every page is just app’s name.

also allow renaming of apps.
For example I have 3 Gmails and 3 Google Drives connected.
They are all called Gmail or Google Drive.
Using Jump To it is hard to get the correct App