Allow Notification text when Station is in background/different screen

(Chris G Sellers) #1

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As a user, I want the see the text of the notification to display in the Notification section on the active screen when the Station app is in a different screen or workspace in the background (e.g. something more than XX Station Messages) so that I do not have to switch screens to read the actual message.

Tell us about the current experience

When the app is in the background on another screen, the notification just shows the number of messages that are unread(?) instead of the beginning or body of the message…

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I’d like to see the same content displayed in the notification when the app is in the foreground on the current workspace/screen as in the background on a different screen or virtual workspace.

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are:

  • I can read the notification content w/o switching workspaces/screens