All slack accounts removed from station after clicking link and opening it in default browser

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue
When clicking a link that goes to from slack inside station I get the question if I want to open the link inside station or in the default browser. I chose the default browser as I want all external links to open in browser.
Station then open all my slack accounts in the default browser and removes them all from station! Super annoying and it seems like I manually will have to re-add all of the communities :cry:

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun:

  • Open what’s new.

  • Click one of the news heading linking to

  • Chose open in default browser

  • All slack accounts opens in default browser and the accounts get removed from slack!

  • :boom:
    All slack accounts are gone from station and I most likely have to re-add all of them

  • :movie_camera:
    Example link that I clicked from station “New apps for Office 365 and G Suite”

  • :desktop_computer: Ubuntu 18.04

  • :gear: 1.40.0

Still present, and suuuperannoying. 9 slack accounts just got kicked out of station and I will have to manually readd them: