Adding two work/school/institutional emails to Station

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My problem is that I have two accounts, and I can only log in one of them. This should be a bug, but there is a way to walk around it (through a lucky tweak).

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    The trigger would be the attempt to add the second email account to Station.

There is an Inbox app, which is the “newer Gmail interface”. Logging through Inbox has got me the second account to log in. Furthermore, as Google also asked if I would like to switch from Inbox back to Gmail, I now have two school accounts at the same time.

You can definitely do that:

Hope this helps

To complete the bug report, here goes more details when I try to log in two Gmail accounts that are " school accounts" (ending in .edu) ==>

For the first school account,, I can log in without tweaking anything. It takes two, if not three steps to complete, as the school account is managed by Google and protected by Duo (a 2-step verification service). The steps include: 1. feed the full email to Google’s Gmail sign-in page; 2. this brings me to the school’s sign-in page, which takes my username + password; 3. it prompts me a Duo verification step, where I need to approve the log-in through the phone App. So far, so good.

When I tried to add the second school account,, I can go through Step 1 and Step 2, and normally, this second school account does not require the third step, as it is not 2-step protected for now.

However, after repeating the two log-in steps for the second school account, I will only be prompted with the Gmail interface for the first school account. All my attempts to log into the second school accounts are not registered to Station.

PS: I am confused by the simply reply “You can definitely do that”. Is it meant for confirming the bug, and affirming the fix? If so, I FAILED to replicate the Inbox procedure on my “work-work machine”, owned by the School and located physically in my office ==> although I went through the “Inbox route”, I will get sent to a random Gmail account that I have already logged in. This can sometimes happen by replacing the last App from the left-column.

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