Add a non-supported app to Station / request a new web-service / please add this app

(Seong Lae Cho) #1

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markdown edit site stackedit will grow productivity of station users

no stackedit

when i am in station app store

Add Viber App
Add Amazon Chime
(Georges Abi-Heila) #2

Hey there,

You can instantaneously add any app you wish to your Station: just click on the “Add an app” button in the left column of the App Store :slight_smile:

(Philip Lane) #3

Please add an app for Amazon Chime.

Amazon Chime is an AWS tool comparible to Microsoft’s Skype For Business. Details at There is a web client for Amazon Chime at

(Sandro Basharuli) #4

hi there, can’t add viber because there is no online login page, its app , so how can we add apps without online login

(Julien Berthomier) #5

@Sandro_Basharuli if there is no web version then we can’t add it to Station. We only support apps that have a web version. It does look like Viber has a web version though, have you tried: ?

(Sandro Basharuli) #6

Please Add Viber App