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Based in Paris, we’re a small team whose sole ambition is to ease your workday.

Our product — a free desktop app named Station — has been thought & designed as a work only, distraction-free platform. We’re laser-focused on providing the best user experience on the “work hard” side; others handle the “play hard” side better than us :wink:

The staff members are:


(Bogdan Sturza) #9

Hi guys, i used the app for a week or so, but i found some blocking issues and could not wait until you fixed them. I also wrote 2 times with the hope of getting something fixes, but sadly no one answered.

(Jason ansleyRDgroup) #10

I like Station…but don’t love it…it is too slow! Typing lags horribly. Replies to support via this system are non-existent. It’s great that is it FREE! BUT I would be willing to PAY for it, if it worked smoothly. So maybe charge a few Dollars or Francs :slight_smile: and get Station operating faster so we CAN work hard…right now it is hardly working…

I want to Love Station…but can’t…yet…

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