About Skype in Station

(Julien Berthomier) #1

Hi there!

Many of you use Skype in Station and you have reported several bugs including:

  • video calls not working
  • contacts just added not appearing
  • overall slow and erratic experience

We have investigated these matters and came to the conclusion that none of those are actually linked to Station, there are known bugs of the web version of Skype. Most of you have probably never used Skype on your browser (since you use the native app) but Skype on Station relies on the web version since we can’t yet integrate native apps.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. My best piece of advice is to use the Skype native app instead for now - that’s what I personally do. We hope (one day!) Microsoft finally decides to fix all the bugs on their web app.

Have a great day!