Ability to select custom icons for apps / Customise app icons in sidebar / Set different colors for dock icons

(Alex Ivanoff) #1

It would be great if we could customize (or make it so it is automatically synced with
the default favicon) the image/color of the app icon in the sidebar.

Some apps like Trello, for example, change colors to coordinate with your tab/board/project.

It’s great that with different Google account apps we can specify our different accounts, I think other apps could use this support as well.

Ability to select custom icons for each app (from local files)
(Bill Rawlinson) #2

It would also help if each tab’s icon were colored when it were not selected but highlighted some other way when selected because once you have a bunch of tabs it can be more mental work to find the tab you want using only the icon as a guide. I guess if I just got used to the keyboard shortcuts it would go faster but right now there is a lot of excess mental power going into figuring out which tab I really want to click on all the time. Note the attached screenshot, when expanded, has closer to 12 icons so it gets a little jumbled. I’ve tried to logically separate icons that look sort of similar (first icon and third to last for example).

(Prideaux) #3

I totally agree especially with @BillRawlinson as I have exactly the same issue.

(Ron) #4

It would be nice if we could set icons for each app. So that instead of, say, the Google Calendar icon, I could have some entirely different icon representing it. This would allow for a greater feeling of customization and being able to make the workspace feel more like “my” workspace. We could set these icons by uploading / selecting local .ico/.png files or somethign similar.

(Javier Damonte) #5

I second this! for example if you have multiple slack teams, it’s really hard to distinguish which team is which. This is the only feature that Franz has which I miss in station