Ability to make Station the default email handler / Open mailto links in Station

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I want to be able to click on an email link in my browser (mailto: etc.) and have Station open (or come to the front) with a new message.

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While I can currently set Station as the default email client in Mail’s preferences, Station doesn’t open a new message in Gmail.

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When I click on a link in my browser, such as a mailto: link, I would like Station to open or take focus, the Gmail or Inbox tab take focus, and a new message to the email address in the browser link created, along with any passed parameters (subject line, etc.)

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:

  • It would make for a cleaner experience, not having to open an email client just to send an email from a browser link.

Thanks, I’m enjoying using Station otherwise!

This would be amazing.

This would be a great addition to the workflow I use in station.
It would be great if u could enable a main email address in Station or get a popup where u can choose where to send the mailto: request.

Seconding this suggestion!

Seconding this, too. BTW: This behaviour (described by @DevBytes) works (on Linux/GNOME) well with OpenWMail and Wavebox (similar programs).

I’m on a Mac, and was wondering if there was a way to set my browsers to open mailto: links in Station’s GMail.


I would really like the mailto link also. I have used Kiwi for Gmail and tried Shift and they all had mailtolinks.
Please add this feature to make all of our lives easier.
I am on a mac.

Plus 1
I need this as well.

When I click an email address link in my browser, is there a way to have it compose the new message in Station as opposed to my Mail app? I tried setting the default email reader to Station, but that just launches station. It doesn’t begin composing to the email address that was clicked.