1.46.1 is out! With the new app store ✨

_Released on:_August 21st 2019

:fire:What we added
New apps & features

  • Brand new app store with new design
  • Added a Dock animation when application is installed

:recycle: What we changed
Revamped stuff

  • Replaced electron-compile with electron-webpack

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Fixed missing Google Drive icons in subdock
  • Bumped Chrome version on WhatsApp

:sparkles:What is new with the App Store? :shopping:

:zap: Faster loading time!

We’ve improved the speed of the app store so you can breeze through it faster and add your favorite apps more easily.

:mag: A new search experience

:trophy: Most popular category

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Recently added category

:dizzy: Category for boosted apps

Boosted apps are better integrated to Station, allowing you for instance to search pages directly from the Quick-Switch or get notification badges when something happened in the app.

We hope you like it!

With :heart:
The Station Team

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How about fixing some annoying bugs first before elaborating on visual stuff which is unimportant or the app store which I use 1:1000 less than the apps themself?