UX & Design feedback

Thinking about the design of Station (8)
Show / hide the Slack sidebar (7)
Notification red point on Desktop (2)
Moving, repositioning or resizing Station's window is difficult / top bar is invisible and too thin / grabbable area is small (8)
Conversations with Station is pointless (3)
Colored Icons for apps in Sidebar (6)
Multiple issues with Station's sidebar (4)
Can't distinguish multiple instances / accounts / profiles icons of the same app (3)
Option to hide the sidebar / dock / apps' icons (2)
Update icon is distracting because it's blinking / flashing (2)
Station's logo is similar to Ommwriter's (3)
Clicking the update icon should stop it from blinking (3)
App store has styling issues / is not responsive / displays dual scroll bars (2)
Tabs within app on top bar (2)
Have an "app bar-only" view / minimise Station to keep only the dock (1)
Indicate that the sidebar is scrollable (when there are more apps out of view) (1)
Left side menu doc names get truncated (1)
Remove sub-dock app parent item (when multiple accounts in use) (4)
Conversations / chat / support icon is weird (3)
Doorway effect when switching to Station (2)
Clicking on notifications doesn't take you to the notification (1)
May I use custom skins for telegram? (2)
How to change the default UI font under windows 10? (1)
Windows vs Mac Differences (1)
Left Sidebar app drag and drop (1)
Sidebar application config buttons don't provide hover feedback (1)
On Mac, Cmd + Tab and Cmd + Tap + Shift show go forward and back in apps to mirror web browser tab behavior (1)
Notification red dot on the app icon on the left side apps bar (1)
Change the colour of the Google Apps top menu background (1)
White version of the Station Dock (1)
Medium icon is obsolete (2)
Use Cmd + # to scroll through quick-switch / search results (like Alfred does) (1)
Clicking email notification popups opens / loads email in a new window (1)
Project based windows - start with why (1)
Mac Window Buttons (Close, Minimize, Full-screen) are inconsistently sized (1)
Page closing behavior (1)
Extensions reference themselves as 'Applications' (1)
Scrolling in Staton's app store is laggy (1)
Contrast is terrible on some screens (1)
New Quick-Switch Design (1)
Hide Station instead of Close (1)
Improved notifications (1)
Office 365 "open app" behavior (1)
Allow choosing between most recently used vs next tab on CTRL+Tab (1)
Contrast on switcher needs to be increased (1)
Station icon on Windows is pixelated / has choppy edges (1)