🎨 UX & Design feedbacks

Left side menu's hover state sometimes disturbs left side app menu's (19)
Thinking about the design of Station (8)
Change download notification close button on hover (4)
Show/hide the Slack sidebar (4)
Conversations with Station is pointless (4)
Reduce UI elements in sub-dock hover state (4)
Slack's RH Sidebar = unecessary noise (4)
Give option to disable showing extensions in the dock (2)
Notification red point on Desktop (2)
Notification Badge virtually invisible in the day time (2)
No Top Bar on Mac, so how do I drag the application/quick resize (3)
Colored Icons for apps in Sidebar (4)
Allow multiple accounts (3)
Multiple issues with Station's sidebar (3)
Can't distinguish multiple app instances/accounts (2)
Bar-only functionality (1)
Remove sub-dock app parent item (when multiple accounts in use) (1)
Indicate Scrollable Sidebar (when there are more apps out of view) (1)
Slack keyboard shortcuts do not work (3)
Clicking on notifications doesn't take you to the notification (1)
Add support for hiding the sidebar (1)
Icon for 'Conversations' (1)
Putting an application window into fullscreen mode should hide the topbar (1)
Sidebar application config buttons don't provide hover feedback (1)
Windows vs Mac Differences (1)
Swipe for back and forward (3)
Please remove blink from updates icon (1)
Notifications badge doesn't dissapear (1)
How to change the default UI font under windows 10? (1)
Left Sidebar app drag and drop (1)
Quick survey about Station 🤓 (3)
Keyboard shortcurts on international keyboards (3)
On Mac, Cmd + Tab and Cmd + Tap + Shift show go forward and back in apps to mirror web browser tab behavior (1)
Left side menu doc names get truncated (1)
Add gestures to mac version & download manager (3)
Project based windows - start with why (1)
Icon is the same as another application (1)
Mac Window Buttons (Close, Minimize, Full-screen) are inconsistently sized (1)