UX & Design feedback

Hide Station instead of close / Don't shut down when closing Station's window / Keep apps running in the background (9)
App store has styling issues / is not responsive / displays dual scroll bars (3)
Station's logo is similar to Ommwriter's (3)
Left side menu doc names get truncated (1)
Clicking email notification popups opens / loads email in a new window (2)
Doorway effect when switching to Station (2)
Windows vs Mac Differences (1)
How to change the default UI font under windows 10? (1)
Notification red dot on the app icon on the left side apps bar (1)
Left Sidebar app drag and drop (1)
Change the colour of the Google Apps top menu background (1)
Use Cmd + # to scroll through quick-switch / search results (like Alfred does) (1)
Mac Window Buttons (Close, Minimize, Full-screen) are inconsistently sized (1)
Page closing behavior (1)
Contrast is terrible on some screens (1)
Improved notifications (1)
Station icon on Windows is pixelated / has choppy edges (1)
Contrast on switcher needs to be increased (1)
Allow choosing between most recently used vs next tab on CTRL+Tab (1)
Pop-up notification close button (2)
Change font size (1)
Sidebar icons are small on high resolution screens, add ability to drag to scale (1)
Google Icons obsolete (1)
Name of app next to logo (1)
High Resolution screen: Scaling support (1)