How to request an app or an extension? (12)

The place to request web-apps or Chrome extensions for further implementation is directly within Station’s app store. To suggest an application to add to Station: Go in the app-store ("+" icon at the bottom left) Ente…

Uninstall feedback / competitor analysis (8)

Hey Station Team, I love the concept, but I found that I was less productive and slower using Station. I tried it out for a full week, but ultimately found it to be less productive than my current setup. Here’s some fee…

Welcome to Station's official community πŸ€— (8)

Hello! :wave: This is the official discussion platform for Station, the free desktop app that unifies all your work tools in one neat & productive interface. [Banana Dance] Before asking anything, please be sure to re…

About us πŸ™Œ (5)

Based in Paris, we’re a small team whose sole ambition is to ease your workday. Our product β€” a free desktop app named Station β€” has been thought & designed as a work only, distraction-free platform. We’re laser-focused…

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