Feature requests

Do not open a URL in the corresponding app if it's not already added / don't force app installation on link click (20)
Have a dark or night mode / allow custom themes in Station / change UI color (16)
Keyboard shortcut to close current window / page / tab / document (like Cmd+W in Chrome) (12)
Customisable keyboard shortcuts / turn-off some keybindings (20)
Support for touchpad gestures / mouse buttons (15)
Titlebars on Windows are ugly / hide the top menu bar (6)
Allow renaming of app instances / changing app names (6)
Web search engine inside Station (Google, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, etc.) (9)
Open external links in Station instead of other browser / set Station as the default browser (instead of Safari, Chrome, etc.) (6)
Reorder pages / sort tabs in alphabetical order / move bookmarks up and down / lock pages on top (9)
Integrate an ad-blocking system to Station (uBlock, AdBlock, Ghostery, etc) (4)
Allow customization of app image icons in sidebar (color coding or other) (3)
Ability to make Station the default email handler (5)
Auto-detect duplicate tabs / prevent redundant pages from appearing (9)
Newly added applications section / sort app store by addition date / list of new services (5)
Support time tracking apps (Timing, RescueTime, Qbserve,etc.) / change Station's window name to reflect current used app (6)
Ability to remove / disable red notification dot / badge on certain apps' icon (2)
Telegram folders to organise chats (1)
2FA does not work / login to apps with multiple factors authentication / SSO (Security Keys, FIDO, Kerberos, Okta, DUO, etc.) (4)
Open link in default browser in the background (3)
Improve App Store with additional app info / description of apps (5)
Slack Dark Mode/Custom CSS (2)
Show URL when hovering over link (5)
Multiple accounts within one dock icon / merge several accounts in a single icon (Slack, Gmail, Agenda) (3)
Need notification badge to show more than just unread emails (1)
Have a download center / history of downloaded files (4)
Add support for Plutio's white label option (2)
Support for macOS text replacement / substitution (3)
Message Team members from team bar (2)
Disable Quick Switch auto-open / prevent Quick-Switch from opening on startup (3)
Option to prevent multiple instances of Station running on Windows 10 (3)
Ask for save location on every download / prompt for download location (9)
Need Colour Management Support on Mac (2)
Allow opening of URLs in the Quick-Switch (2)
Release Notes link in About Station screen (3)
Add keyboard shortcut for toggling the notifications pane / have a hotkey to open notifications center (3)
Order the Quick Switch default suggestions and query answers by most recently used (2)
Self-hosted JIRA and Confluence (1)
Support for Macbook pro's Touchbar (2)
Add support for touchscreens on 2-in-1 laptops (2)
Built-in Pomodoro timer + app blocker (1)
I wish station to become a full browser than just for apps (1)
Allow me to search JIRA and Confluence (2)
Go back / forward between pages visited in Goggle Drive (2)
Link Status Bar On-Hover (1)
Integration with Spotlight (1)
Language support for UI (1)
Can you provide Instapaper support (1)
"Open in <browser>" for all links with all installed browsers supported (2)
Selectively default to native / desktop apps (1)
Automatic Return back to Inbox (1)
Add more supported languages. I personally need Polish (1)
To be able to open Station twice (1)
Show notification status in Quick Switch (2)
Can station browse the web? (1)
Add current time to the sidebar (1)
Station on mobile / Android app / iOS app (iPhone or iPad) (1)
Make Images Drag-and-Drop-able between stations (1)
Linux System notification (1)
Suggested new features (1)
Integration with share/extension (1)
Media Control Feature (1)
Amazon country switching (1)
Station usage Analytics [probably monetization option?] (1)
App Extension Badges In App Store to Link to Corresponding Companies website (1)
Integrating Excel formatting into email bodies (1)
Change the left app bars to the top bar (1)
Pause or lazy load apps / extensions (2)
Can you turn off threading of emails with station? (1)
Setting-up custom workspaces for employees onboarding / Assign app stacks to team members (1)
Have contextual indicators (unread emails, time until next meeting) over the dock icons (in Gcal or Gmail) (1)
Notes for tabs to work even more organized (1)
Internal Google links require certain permission (1)
Mute sounds per application / sound toggle to mute certain apps (1)
Ability to select custom icons for each app (from local files) (1)
Some apps need to refresh (1)
Translate GUI station to spanish (1)
Abbility to search emails in Quick-Switch (1)
Have a home screen / start with a launchpad (2)
Allow import of browser bookmarks as app pages (1)
Options to remove certain apps' accounts from the Quick Switch (Slack teams, etc.) (1)
Telegram - Integrate with cmd + t quick switcher (1)
Hangouts image open inside Station (1)
Custom user-agent to mobile browsers (1)
Translation To dutch (1)
Cross-app integration, eg event in Gmail to iCloud calendar (1)
Tabs\bubbles for apps with multi windows needs (1)
Portable installation / Station on a USB stick (1)
Add Categories for Apps in dock (1)
Change Dock location (1)
Add Chrome's "copy email address" when right-clicking an email address link (1)
Shortcut to reset current application (1)
Add app integration to quick switch (1)
One-window per app mode for better OS integration (1)
Add ability to launch local apps from quickswitch (1)