Feature requests

Integration with password managers (1password, Lastpass & Dashlane) ( 2 3 4 ) (63)
Custom URL support / Support any web-app ( 2 3 4 ) (64)
Station for Ubuntu / Linux ( 2 ) (28)
Swap Slack logo with the workspace logo / Show team image instead of default Slack icon (14)
Allow multiple accounts for apps that don't handle session / instance isolation (WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Trello, Invision, Messenger, Atlassian, Linkedin, OneDrive, Outlook, Hotjar, AWS, Monday, etc.) ( 2 ) (30)
Have multiple instances / profiles / workspaces of Station (for employees, part-timers, freelancers, etc.) ( 2 ) (23)
Set some apps as "always running" / disable autosleep / prevent logouts ( 2 ) (25)
Please, do not request apps or extensions here 🙏 (14)

The place to request web-apps or Chrome extensions for further implementation is directly within Station’s app store. To suggest an application to add to Station: Go in the app-store ("+" icon at the bottom left) Ente…

Ask for download location / change default download folder ( 2 ) (28)
Do not open a URL in the corresponding app if it's not already added / don't force app installation on link click (19)
Minimize Station to tray (Windows) / add Station to the menu bar (Mac OS) (19)
Group apps together on the dock (15)
Allow renaming of pages or bookmarks / change page titles (14)
Apps & bookmarks syncing across multiple devices / keep configuration on app reinstall (12)
Previous and Next buttons on the UI (10)
Lock Station with a password / ask password on app start (11)
Customisable keyboard shortcuts / keybindings (12)
Support for touchpad gestures / mouse buttons (12)
Have individual notifications settings for each app (8)
Have a dark or night mode / allow custom themes in Station / change UI color (9)
Login Station with any mail address / sign in without a Google account / log in with Outlook or Microsoft account (5)
Spellcheck configuration / disable spellchecking / change language (9)
Support the OS notification center / have Station notifications appear in Mac or Windows notifications panel (4)
Keyboard shortcut to close current window / page / tab / document (like Cmd+W in Chrome) (8)
Split-Screen / Paired-Apps (4)
Titlebars on Windows are ugly / hide the top menu bar (6)
Add Separators In The Dock (4)
Keyboard shortcut to navigate within the subdock / to toggle between the opened pages of a certain app (4)
Integrate an ad-blocking system to Station (uBlock, AdBlock, Ghostery, etc) (4)
Allow renaming of app instances (6)
Open external links in Station instead of other browser / set Station as the default browser (instead of Safari, Chrome, etc.) (6)
Reorder pages / sort tabs in alphabetical order / move bookmarks up and down / lock pages on top (7)
Telegram folders to organise chats (1)
Download notifications that disappear by themselves after a few seconds (3)
Allow customization of app image icons in sidebar (color coding or other) (1)
Need notification badge to show more than just unread emails (1)
Ability to remove / disable red notification dot / badge on certain apps' icon (2)
Open folders / files in Google Drive as new page (4)
Open link in default browser in the background (3)
Prevent Station from making requests to openDNS (3)
Google Mail Delegated Accounts (2)
Slack Active Status (2)
Ability to make Station the default email handler (2)
Web search engine inside Station (Google, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, etc.) (6)
Add a button "clear all (non-starred) pages" in the subdock (4)
Ability to mute / disable all notifications forever (4)
Message Team members from team bar (2)
Newly added applications section / sort app store by addition date (5)
Je ne comprend "presque" rien! (2)
Display numbers alongside application icons for easy switching (1)
Chose the link of the home button (for JIRA as an example) (1)
Auto-detect duplicate tabs / prevent redundant pages from appearing (6)
Support for macOS text replacement / substitution (3)
macOS - Don't fully close the app on close (2)
macOS audio notifications as sound effects (2)
Removing apps from Station (5)
Shortcut to toggle Focus Mode (1)
Add google gmail signatures (1)
GitHub notifications (1)
Manually star or bookmark a page (3)
Search bar and applications (1)
Multiple accounts within one dock icon / merge several accounts in a single icon (Slack, Gmail, Agenda) (2)
Self-hosted JIRA and Confluence (1)
Need Colour Management Support on Mac (2)
Have a hotkey for opening the Station notification window (2)
Release Notes link in About Station screen (3)
Multi-window (3)
Cycle through services (2)
Account picture on Google Contact (1)
I wish station to become a full browser than just for apps (1)
App tracking in Station (1)
Show URL when hovering over link (3)
Toggle navbar with limited controls (1)
Can you provide Instapaper support (1)
Tabs within app on top bar (1)
Pivotal Tracker - unsupported notifcations (1)
Station as a SideBar / LHS Dock (2)
Go back / forward between pages visited in Goggle Drive (2)
Language support for UI (1)
Link Status Bar On-Hover (1)
Add support for touchscreens on 2-in-1 laptops (2)
Integration with Spotlight (1)
Notifications window always here (1)
Add more supported languages. I personally need Polish (1)
Folders for Applications (2)
Frequent shortcut in popped window as in browser (1)
To be able to open Station twice (1)
Add current time to the sidebar (1)
Selectively default to native/desktop apps (1)
Login to apps with Security Keys (FIDO 2FA) (1)
Improve the Add Apps page with "more info" links and *New icons/labels (1)
Slack share sidebar should let you share to particular channels (1)
More Navigation ShortCut - A powerhouse Station (1)
Unified search (1)
Skype Update (1)
Make Images Drag-and-Drop-able between stations (1)
Command Tab Extension, or Similar (1)
Skype for Business (2)
Suggested new features (1)
App Extension Badges In App Store to Link to Corresponding Companies website (1)