🙏 Feature requests

Custom URL support / Support any web-app ( 2 ) (27)
Integration with password managers ( 2 ) (21)
⚠️ Please, do not request apps or extensions here (13)
Station for Ubuntu / Linux (13)
Set some apps as "always running" (13)
Ask for download location (15)
Swap slack logo with slack workspace logo (10)
Group apps together on the dock (8)
Have individual notifications settings for each app (6)
Have multiple Instances of Station (for employees & part-timers) (6)
Minimize to tray (7)
Previous and Next buttons on the UI (8)
Allow renaming of starred pages (7)
Do not always open an URL in the corresponding app if it's not already added (5)
Allow Gmail Add Ons (3)
Notification Center support (3)
Remove the secondary nav side bar (4)
Split-Screen / Paired-Apps (3)
AgileCRM and Tawkto integration (5)
Ask password (4)
Add Separators In The Dock (2)
Changing names of bookmarks (4)
Apps & bookmarks syncing across multiple devices (1)
Allow completely custom domain for GitLab (3)
Custom URL support (3)
Integration of WeChat (3)
Download notifications that disappear by themselves after a few seconds (3)
Custom notifications.. P L E A S E (3)
Add bookmarked chrome and firefox websites as something to have in the dock (3)
Open Google Docs in Station (1)
Spellcheck configuration (2)
Support for mouse (side-)buttons (3)
Where can I specify the Downloads Folder? (3)
"Backup" Option (3)
Grammarly Integration (4)
Configure Settings for Unloading Hibernating Apps (3)
Integration with Vkontakte (3)
In-built ad-blocking software. Why showing ads on Station at all? (2)
A shortcut to navigate within the subdock (=between the different opened pages of a certain app)? (1)
Open folders/files in Google Drive as new page (4)
Multiple Profile Support (3)
Group or filter apps (4)
Group instances in an app icon (2)
Integration of Twist (3)
Google Mail Delegated Accounts (2)
Shortcut to close current window (3)
Display numbers alongside application icons for easy switching (1)
Google Inbox notifications when emails marked as done (3)
Chose the link of the home button (for JIRA as an example) (1)
Can you add a switch to disable red dot of Slack channel message on dock icon (1)