Bugs, support & troubleshooting

Preferences are not accessible on Windows / shortcut to access the settings panel is not working (5)
Quickbooks is unusable / subtabs won't load / buttons don't work (3)
Automatically logged out on Evernote (5)
Quick switch with mouse in the middle of the screen switch to wrong app (5)
Keyboard shortcuts not working / Ctrl + # doesn't switch app on Linux (5)
Frequent logout from Gmail / need to login frequently to Gsuite (3)
Medium sign-in problem with e-mail (1)
Gsuite (Drive, Inbox, Gmail, Calendar) profile pictures / workspace icons are not updated in the sidebar (2)
It takes 2 clicks to minimise on Windows 10 / Station automatically restores its window after 1st minimise (3)
Drip styles (CSS) missing (2)
Slack search keyboard shortcut (Cmd + F / Ctrl + F) is overridden / doesn't work in Station (3)
How do I add team members? (2)
Zendesk doesn't trigger any popup notification / icon badge / activity red dot (2)
Atlassian Confluence doesn't load (2)
After update shortcut on desktop (3)
Opening multiple pages / bookmarking stuff is impossible in iCloud (2)
Cant' login to Rocket Chat with Google SSO (3)
Google Labels Modal Window Misaligned (3)
Copy / cut via right click or topbar menu don't work in Google Sheets (3)
Downloaded version on website is not the last version of station (6)
Gorgias Integration Broken (3)
FastMail email links do not open in browser (3)
Can't login to Station: popup closes automatically / nothing happens after Google authentication (2)
Station Helper Overload (2)
Todoist Task Comments do not display after Task is moved to another Project (1)
Canva gets stuck on login because Google OAuth popup doesn't redirect (2)
Cannot move between results after find-in-page / Cmd + F (2)
Disable / mute notifications doesn't work with Intercom & Gitter (2)
🚨 Fixing the latest version of Station (1.21.0) (1)
Station crashes when switching network connections (2)
Wunderlist is not working / displays a blank screen (7)
Hootsuite Broken (2)
Cannot update after doing Migration Assistant on macOS (2)
Wunderlist notifications are really loud / chime sound volume too high (1)
Microsoft Todo not syncing (1)
Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working (3)
No notifications from Facebook Messenger (3)
Polymail sync doest not work (1)
Station randomly closes every few minutes / Station automatically exits without any warning (4)
Station uninstalled itself twice today (3)
Unable to log in / sign in Wrike app (2)
App icons overlap in app store (3)
Unable to close a tab (2)
Google Drive/Docs Permissions (2)
Asana getting reloaded regularly / connection drops often (2)
ZenHub refreshes indefinitely (3)
Unusable pop-up email editor windows in Office365 Outlook and Calendar apps (1)
Can't use search bar in slack (2)
Cancel reoccuring mail for invitation (2)
Facebook Messenger not keeping the "enable desktop notifications" setting (1)
HipChat doesn’t trigger any notification badge / activity red dot on the apps' icon (1)
Meistertask not displaying correctly on Station (1)
Glithces in the visual in 1.23.00 (2)
Station is not installed and run from .exe but is very slow (3)
ManageWP needs to open links to WP Admin in default browser (4)
Missiveapp is no longer loading for me (2)
Back button/action takes us back to the beginning of results (1)
Zendesk app hangs / freezes after signing in / get stucks on login (3)
Toggl is not syncing (1)
Raindrop Category (1)
Can't open a different Notebook in OneNote (1)
"Discover Station's features" either does nothing or only shows first screen (4)
Cannot see the "team" sidebar (1)
Gmail does not display prompt and alert boxes / canned responses don't work (2)
Tweetdeck, WhatsApp and Google Apps tabs/windows keep reloading (2)
Station window goes gray after installation (2)
How to silence pesky reminder (5)
Unable to log into MS Teams (1)
How do I increase the text size? (2)
Plutio looks broken on station, fine on chrome (1)
Office 365: Unable to create new documents / worksheets (2)
Issue with opening confirmation links in Gmail (2)
Acuity Scheduling (1)
Having to click message window twice - cursor keeps disappearing (1)
Notion links don't open in app (1)
Cannot click left bottom of Station (1)
Atlassian Jira gets slower as site list grows (2)
Soundcloud app is not usable as the sound is laggy / crackling (2)
AgoraPulse gets stuck on login, during handshake with Facebook (2)
AWS Root console (1)
Red on Green (1)
Quick switch is slow / takes time to display (2)
Adding events to iCloud calendar doesn´t work (1)
Basecamp: rtfd upload not working (1)
iTunes Connect is now App Store Connect (2)
DevDocs is migrating to HTTPS (2)
Google docs offline fails (1)
PayFit CSS bug / is not displaying properly (1)
Cant click top navbar in Reddit (1)
Station Fatal Error -- The saved Station state is not compatible with the current Station version (1)
Downloading file closes page (1)
Yammer does not remember login (1)
Can't include Google Drive document on Slack from within Station (1)
Station unresponsive when attempting to drag window (1)
Can't sign into Dynalist with Google (1)
Cursor is Always Invisible in Outlook Pro (1)
New Message in Office365 shows session expired (1)
Discort not working (1)
I can't upload images on Pipefy's Card (1)
Bug with OpenVanilla Chinese Input Method & Google Doc (1)