Bugs, support & troubleshooting

Unable to sign in to Dropbox Paper using Google Auth (4)
Can't login to Station: popup closes automatically / nothing happens after Google authentication (2)
HelpScout doesn't work / unable to login with Google (5)
Zendesk not rendering properly / chat looks weird (4)
Slack notifications are red dots instead of badge number (1)
Monday app doesn't render well / fails to load (3)
Flock's Google authentication is not working (4)
Gmail service removed from the dock but still loaded in the background / removal of app doesn't kill the concerned process (5)
Force apps to be disabled in the background (5)
Stride doesn't trigger any popup notification / icon badge / activity red dot (2)
HelloSign - Unable to sign in / login with Google SSO (2)
Flicking Station Windows (4)
Preferences are not accessible on Windows / shortcut to access the settings panel is not working (5)
Can't move icons on left hand side (even after grey screen update) (4)
Outlook pro loading error (2)
Medium sign-in problem with e-mail (1)
Drip styles (CSS) missing (2)
Frequent logout from Gmail / need to login frequently to Gsuite (3)
Gsuite (Drive, Inbox, Gmail, Calendar) profile pictures / workspace icons are not updated in the sidebar (2)
How do I add team members? (2)
Zendesk doesn't trigger any popup notification / icon badge / activity red dot (2)
Google Inbox: can't send e-mails (2)
Bitbucket and Atlassian channels do not render correctly (2)
Downloaded version on website is not the last version of station (6)
Atlassian Confluence doesn't load (2)
Close button invisible on about box (2)
Not possible to install on Windows 10 32bits (3)
Keyboard shortcuts not working / Ctrl + # doesn't switch app on Linux (5)
Google Labels Modal Window Misaligned (3)
Sound doesn't work in WhatsApp (5)
Todoist Task Comments do not display after Task is moved to another Project (1)
Copy / cut via right click or topbar menu don't work in Google Sheets (3)
Station Helper Overload (2)
Cant' login to Rocket Chat with Google SSO (3)
🚨 Fixing the latest version of Station (1.21.0) (1)
Mailchimp has a lot of bugs / glitches (2)
After update shortcut on desktop (3)
Cannot move between results after find-in-page / Cmd + F (2)
Basecamp log out (2)
It takes 2 clicks to minimise on Windows 10 / Station automatically restores its window after 1st minimise (3)
Opening multiple pages / bookmarking stuff is impossible in iCloud (2)
Disable / mute notifications doesn't work with Intercom & Gitter (2)
Canva gets stuck on login because Google OAuth popup doesn't redirect (2)
Hootsuite Broken (2)
Automatically logged out on Evernote (5)
Little wierd "blank" window pops up when I click external links (2)
FastMail email links do not open in browser (3)
Station crashes when switching network connections (2)
Undo shortcut (cmd+z) not working in Google Inbox (3)
Station not showing anymore (3)
Quickbooks is unusable / subtabs won't load / buttons don't work (2)
Gender assumption in email invite (3)
CMD + ` does not cycle through detached windows (2)
"Lucid Chart" should be "Lucidchart" (2)
Can't load Linkedin / server response was insecure (2)
Clearbit Connect extension doesn't work (1)
Polymail sync doest not work (1)
Wunderlist notifications are really loud / chime sound volume too high (1)
Cannot update after doing Migration Assistant on macOS (2)
Microsoft Todo not syncing (1)
Dragging Trello cards doesn't work (1)
Unable to close a tab (2)
Google Drive/Docs Permissions (2)
Some keyboard shortcuts don't work (1)
Cannot quit / shut down Mac (2)
Source zip/tar.gz doesn't seem to include the source files (3)
Glithces in the visual in 1.23.00 (2)
"Do Not Disturb" bell is not working (2)
Facebook Messenger not keeping the "enable desktop notifications" setting (1)
Unusable pop-up email editor windows in Office365 Outlook and Calendar apps (1)
Skype links open a small blank window (2)
Can't use search bar in slack (2)
Missiveapp is no longer loading for me (2)
Cancel reoccuring mail for invitation (2)
ZenHub refreshes indefinitely (3)
Back button/action takes us back to the beginning of results (1)
Cannot see the "team" sidebar (1)
Raindrop Category (1)
Slack search keyboard shortcut (Cmd + F / Ctrl + F) is overridden / doesn't work in Station (2)
Meistertask not displaying correctly on Station (1)
Station window goes gray after installation (2)
"Discover Station's features" either does nothing or only shows first screen (4)
How to silence pesky reminder (5)
Quick switch with mouse in the middle of the screen switch to wrong app (2)
Tweetdeck, WhatsApp and Google Apps tabs/windows keep reloading (2)
Open location from google calendar opens blank (white) station screen (1)
App icons overlap in app store (3)
No notifications from Facebook Messenger (3)
Google Tag Manager - Save operation not working (1)
Unable to log into MS Teams (1)
Plutio looks broken on station, fine on chrome (1)
Weird to put people with the same university email in a team (2)
HipChat doesn’t trigger any notification badge / activity red dot on the apps' icon (1)
BrowserStack local testing (1)
Asana: Cannot attach file to issues (1)
[WINDOWS] Station is not installed and run from .exe but is very slow (2)
How do I increase the text size? (2)
Can't open a different Notebook in OneNote (1)
AgoraPulse gets stuck on login, during handshake with Facebook (2)
Downloading file closes page (1)