⛑ Bugs, support & troubleshooting

Mixmax extension not working ( 2 3 ) (41)
Links not opening when clicked in email ( 2 ) (28)
Station not working (17)
Google Inbox notifications (12)
Google account not switching for me (18)
Google Drive - Station attempts to open files in new windows (20)
Microsoft Teams Not Working (10)
Gmelius not working (10)
Can not open, system slows down to unusable (11)
Google Drive links opening in _blank window and not rendering (10)
Recurring Print Dialog Box in Gmail (15)
Unbearable use due to High CPU (fasten your seatbelts we are taking off) (9)
Can't click on the right edge (7)
Slack keyboard shortcuts don't work and focus is different / feels broken (4)
Can't turn off Notification Sounds (7)
Station crashes just after starting in 1.0.10 (8)
Cannot load Google Spreadsheet script editor (2)
A popup box appears on launch and I can't remove or resize it (8)
Station Pioneers (5)
RJS error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'Helpers' of undefined (7)
Slack double notifications (5)
Can't copy page URL (7)
Can't open video call windows from Inbox, Hangouts or Meet (8)
In gmail, clicking a new email notification opens a blank window & the email never loads (4)
Annoying lose of focus when clicking on Station (7)
Asana log in with Google Failed (7)
Atlassian / Jira limited to .atlassian.net domain (5)
macOS high CPU usage, even when idle (5)
Links / Buttons not working as expected (4)
Google Analytics Issue (5)
Duplicated gmail account (3)
Cannot add a new Slack team (7)
404 error on Google Drive (3)
Station crashes (freezes) after 5-10 minutes after opening (7)
Google Drive won't open file, says "Action Failed" (6)
Multiple account in WhatsApp (3)
Can't click top of page in Todoist App (5)
Coda not working (5)
Cannot Copy from Station and Paste Elsewhere (5)
Unable to add second Google Account (3)
Anyway to reopen the message panel? (5)
Unable to request a new app when the name is similar to an existing one (4)
Outlook Pro does not support notifications (4)
Change session time (3)
Cannot add Moo.do (3)
Release Notes Link Not Working (5)
Intercom Links not clickable (4)
Minimize Doesn't Work When Window is Inactive (4)
Wrong in-app icon displayed on notification messages (3)
Spellcheck works intermittently (2)