Bugs, support & troubleshooting

Station is slow / high memory usage / high CPU load ( 2 3 4 ) (78)
App doesn't load / blank screen / white page / nothing is displayed (Gmail, OneDrive, WhatsApp, Slack, Missive, Messenger, TickTick, Google Voice ...) ( 2 3 ) (42)
Microsoft Teams, Coda, Webflow, Shopify, Close.io & others not working because of obsolete Chrome version / incompatible browser / outdated Electron ( 2 3 4 ) (61)
404 error / URL not found / something is not right on Google Calendar, Google Drive or Google Inbox ( 2 ) (32)
Station won't launch but appears in the task manager / processes are running but nothing happens / I can't see the main window / can't bring Station to the foreground ( 2 3 ) (43)
Can't copy from Station and paste elsewhere / Ctrl+C or Cmd+C doesn't work / clipboard stays empty ( 2 ) (30)
A grey popup / blank window / empty screen appears on Station launch (and can't be closed or resized) ( 2 ) (35)
1Password not working / not authenticating / wrong credentials ( 2 ) (29)
Slack keyboard shortcuts don't work after switching using Cmd/Ctrl+T (16)
Can't login to Station: proxy not supported / unable to setup server configuration (17)
Can't login to Station: SSO / 2FA not supported (Duo, OneLogin, Okta, RapidIdentity, Google, etc.) ( 2 ) (29)
Station cannot be opened / crashes on start / unable to re-launch after update 1.21 ( 2 ) (32)
Spellcheck doesn't work / works intermittently / red dotted lines everywhere / every word is marked as wrong (16)
A print popup / dialog box is automatically triggered on Station restart (18)
Dropbox keeps showing pop up window / "Collection chooser" window reopens endlessly on closing it ( 2 ) (25)
Full white / blank screen upon Station loading / startup (13)
Apps not loading / nothing is displayed in the web-view / getting a white screen / stuck at "please wait while we load..." (16)
Can't present / share screen in Skype, Google Meet, Hangouts, Appear.in, Stride & Slack (12)
Notifications are not working: no pop-ups, nothing in the notification center (11)
Station 1.26 is unresponsively slow / freezes when receiving an event notification / Google Calendar keeps hanging ( 2 ) (35)
Boomerang Gmail plugin / extension doesn't work (12)
Frequent sign outs in Office 365 / recurrent logouts in Microsoft Outlook / unable to sign back in One Drive (13)
Salesforce is buggy / lookup modals don't work in Lightning / multiple error popups (11)
Can't logout of Station / change login account / switch login email address (10)
Station window goes gray when I try to drag icons on left bar ( 2 ) (24)
Can't remove an app from Station's dock / sidebar (Fun Confluence, YC Bookface, Fastly Jira, etc.) (16)
Wrike not appearing correctly / shows blank project (16)
Notification are not working: no red dots / activity badges on the apps' icons (14)
Station cannot detect turned-off "Do not disturb" mode on Windows / "Focus assist" is always on (16)
How to uninstall Station? (10)
Station becomes unresponsive after long periods of activity / freezes when coming from another app ( 2 ) (22)
App store is stuck / blank / "loading applications list..." forever (15)
Paste without formatting / Paste as plain text / Paste and match style doesn't work (Command-Shift-Option-V) (15)
Slack messages not getting marked as read (11)
Can't login to Station: self signed certificate error / token failed (11)
App crashes / breaks after drag & dropping a file or picture (DropBox, Slack, WhatsApp, Airtable, etc.) (12)
Resources not loading due to net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE (10)
Automatic downloads are triggered on Station restart (14)
Freshbooks email confirmation prevents login (14)
Can't launch Station after update / Station is blocked after reinstall / Stuck on "your Station will be ready soon" screen (12)
I cannot add certain apps / the "+" button does not work (Polymail, Google Chat, Wisestamp, Any.do, Flipboard, Twist, etc.) (10)
Cannot read property "family_name" of undefined (14)
Unable to close Google Calendar notifications / X icon is hidden / frozen meeting notification (12)
Station window loses focus when inactive (10)
Downloading attachment refreshes UI / exporting PDF logs the user out (Outlook Pro, Front, Freshbooks, Asana, Toggl, etc.) (10)
Slack workspace icons not showing up in the dock (9)
Telegram doesn’t trigger any notification badge / activity red dot on the apps' icon (6)
Can't launch / Station crashes: "failed to compile" error (9)
Medium Login with Email (5)
"Unable to load file" Google Drive error / Google Sheets constantly requires reloading (4)
Discord doesn't trigger any popup notification / icon badge / activity red dot (3)
In Office 365, apps and documents open in default browser / navigator (8)
Google Inbox & Gmail notifications don't work / are missing (7)
Todoist loading forever / can't sign in / not working (8)
Can't preview PDF files, attachments or invoices / an automatic PDF download is triggered (in Sellsy, Outlook 365, Payfit, Quickbooks, Xero, etc.) (7)
Links no longer work / are not opening / are corrupted / are broken (in Facebook Messenger, Google Sheets, ...) (9)
Special / accent characters not working in Google docs (5)
Google Hangouts notifications don't work / are missing (4)
Unable to print / print preview doesn't work / only first page is printed (in Gmail, Draw.io, Medium etc.) (8)
Can't install Station: undefined error / setup crashes (4)
Station drains battery life / consumes a lot of energy / triggers the dedicated GPU (7)
Habitica: successful oauth login via Facebook doesn't get me past the login screen (8)
Gmail - Window size requires horizontal scrolling to read emails (2)
Can't open video call windows from Inbox, Hangouts or Meet (8)
Hunter Mailtracker doesn't work in Station / works with only one email account (7)
Station detected as malware / Flagged as ransomware / Marked as suspicious / Blocked by antivirus (BitDefender, Avast, Malwarebytes, Windows Defender SmartScreen) (6)
Minimize Doesn't Work When Window is Inactive (7)
Lose of focus when clicking on Station / clicks are not registered properly / accessing an input field requires multiple clicks (8)
Whatsapp voice notes not working anymore / can't listen to them (5)
Slack notifications are buggy / duplicated / red dot is constantly here (6)
Coda is buggy / not displaying properly (8)
Cannot add Moo.do (6)
Can't launch / Station crashes: "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" on Linux (6)
YouTrack login gets stuck because of invalid URL (6)
Unable to add a second Google Account (4)
Notification badges / unread dots are hard to see during the day / for color blind users (7)
Notifications badge doesn't disappear after reading all messages (in Gmail, Slack, ...) (4)
Getting multiples notifications for Google Calendar / Agenda (4)
Station updates cause issues: lost my config / duplicate apps (6)
Wrong in-app icon displayed on notification messages (3)
Station window is inaccessible if used on an external monitor that is disconnected (7)
Podio not displaying properly (6)
No padding between name and message in Slack compact view (3)
Can't remove / delete an extension from Station's dock / sidebar (Boomerang, Clearbit, etc.) (4)
Newsify can't find that page / not working / 404 error (6)
Evernote is buggy / editing functionalities are not usable / printing doesn't work / piles are not accessible (5)
Focus mode disables sound in Slack calls (6)
Clicking on an external link in Evernote doesn't work / brings a security error / displays "access denied" (4)
Typing long text inputs is irresponsive / laggy (5)
Teamwork app is buggy / slow / won't load / doesn't work (7)
Google links load in the wrong account / docs open in the wrong profile (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.) (5)
Notification popup shows incorrect app icon (4)
Console Error: nw_path_close_fd Failed to close guarded necp fd 25 [9: Bad file descriptor] (1)
Prevent Station from launching on startup / disable autostart / hide Station's window on computer login / sync Station's settings with System Preferences (4)
Find That Lead will not authenticate / no social login (5)
Open link in new page does not work / Cmd + click opens the page in default browser (in Quora, Google Cloud, Netsuite, etc.) (5)
Application Switching Order Confusing (Station 1.20.0) (7)
Missing apps in the sidebar / dock icons are hidden / dock is empty (4)
TickTick app displaying incorrectly (4)
Station wont load at all. Macbook Pro 19" (3)